The Master Cleanse Group Experience Opt-in August 19-28

Probably the best known detox diet, The Master Cleanse is a 10 day fast with a specific lemonade-based recipe for daily nutrition combined with a few steps designed to flush your system of accumulated toxins.  It has also been used extensively for weight loss.   Although each person reacts differently to the cleanse, for the most part what I have read about this fast is favorable.  I have had exceptional results from The Master Cleanse, but I strongly recommend consulting with a medical professional before embarking on any detoxification program.

Starting August 19th we will sponsor a group cleanse; At this point we are not sure how many people will join in, but it’s much easier to go through the program when you have the support and feedback of others going through the same experience.  Via this blog and regular postings on our Raw Fusion Living Facebook page you can check in daily, report on your progress, query others to find out about their reactions or just to cheer us on.

NOTE:  You don’t have to commit to the full 10 days.  If you’ve been contemplating the idea of taking some time off from solid food or want to try a day or so of fasting, feel free to opt-in for whatever time you feel is appropriate.  No matter what you choose, you will receive unconditional support!

Master Cleanse First Steps:

Here is a list of the supplies you will need, so you have a week to prepare.  I will also suggest some equipment to facilitate the experience, but those are all optional items.

  • Plenty of fresh, filtered water (not distilled)
  • Fresh lemons and/or limes – concentrates or frozen will NOT work as substitutes – you will go through 3-4 every day.
  • Cayenne pepper – ground  – one bottle will be more than enough.
  • Organic maple syrup, Grade B is very important*  For one person you will probably go through 1.5 jugs.
  • 1 box of “Smooth Move” tea or Senna herbal tea – bags, not loose.
  • Container of pure, non-iodized salt, preferably sea salt
  • Mint tea – herbal only, no caffeine

*Grade B maple syrup is darker and richer than other grades and contains all the nutrients your body needs for the 10-day fast.  The “B” is not a reflection of its quality, only the type.  Much of the commercial maple syrup you will find is tapped using formaldehyde, therefore I strongly suggest that you buy only organic.  While I am not a big fan of Whole Foods, their own brand of Grade B (blue label) is pretty reasonable compared to other health food stores.

Just about every recipe you’ll find only mentions lemons, but it’s perfectly fine to substitute with limes (they are smaller and have less juice but have a lovely taste.)  I found that a combination of the two made for the most satisfying drink.  NOTE:  It is preferable that the lemons/limes be organic.

Cayenne pepper helps to dilate your blood vessels to hasten the flushing out process.  You will only use a tiny amount (1/10 of a teaspoon per glass of lemonade) but you can increase the amount as your tolerance increases, or start out with less if you find the taste objectionable.  It does add a surprising and pleasant kick to the lemonade!

From research that I have done on the Master Cleanse, drinking herbal mint tea every other night of the fast is an acceptable addition.

Some equipment recommendations:

Some people make the lemonade a glass at a time, but it’s so much easier to prepare a quart in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  Buy some kind of quart container that you can carry with you.

The quart container will also be useful for doing the morning salt flush (more on this in my Monday 8/15 post.)

A measuring cup and measuring spoons.

Extracting juice from the lemons will be much easier with some kind of citrus squeezer.  The first time doing cleanse I used the little contraption you see in the photo above, purchased from The Vermont Country Store, but I don’t see it on their online catalog.

Williams-Sonoma has a really handy citrus juicer that I picked up at a their store for $20.00.  It’s a fabulous tool that goes with me on all of my demo’s since I use lemons in so many recipes.  

Check back early next week for more information on the cleanse as we prepare to launch on Friday, August 19th.   Please post any comments or questions so that I may address them in these upcoming posts.

If you would like to read a public domain pdf of Stanley Burrough’s book, The Master Cleanse, here is the URL:

Monday’s Post: Daily recipe for The Master Cleanse

Tuesday’s Post: What to expect from The Master Cleanse

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