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Recipe for Spirit

Why is it so difficult for us to believe that we are being guided by something greater than ourselves? That we live in a benevolent universe in which challenges are not punishments, but rather, pportunities to grow? After all, the word “intuition” means to be tutored from within. According to Gary Zukav, we are surrounded by sources of assistance, wise and compassionate guidance is always available (Seat of the Soul, 1989.) Whether this support originates from within (the Collective Unconscious, Superconscious Mind, Inner Guide) or from without (the Divine, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, or Spirit Guide) — insights, hunches, inspirations, and signs are messages from the soul.

Information is always available to us!

For centuries, up through the middle ages, humanity was influenced by superstition. When the Age of Reason dawned, modern man was taught to distrust the unknown, the divining arts and mysticism, and rely only on what could be proven quantitatively and qualitatively. In the vast pendulum swing, which culminated in the Cartesian-Newtonian scientific model, somehow the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. While the human race has become “smarter” in a technological way, we have also become disconnected from our inner wisdom.

Carl Jung, describing physics as “the strictest of all applied sciences,” also noted that it “depends to an astonishing degree on intuition” (Man and His Symbols, 1968). And if you ever have studied any of Einstein’s (one of the undisputed giants of physical science) more esoteric writings on the meaning of life, it is evident that intuition has played a vital role in his theories and discoveries.

Reaching beyond our senses

We have been taught to trust only what can be experienced through our five senses. Yet, only by becoming what Zukav defines as a “multisensory person”, can we evolve to a place where we are in alignment with our higher purpose. To be multisensory is to fully embrace the concept, “Ask and you shall receive” — trusting that when you pose the question you are invoking the guidance. Responses may appear as a hunch, a chance remark, a book falling open to a certain page, a sign that catches your eye, words of a song, ad infinitum. Or you may have experiences of synchronicity (being in the right place at the right time), evidence of a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. Calling those occurrences “chance” or “coincidence” is not how we become multisensory!

Opening to guidance

Not all messages are as glaring and obvious as the “Fear Not” sign was for me. Many are subtle and indirect. Sometimes the information comes in a symbolic way, such as finding a key on the ground as a way to invite you to find the right opening.

In order to shift to a perspective in which you are open to these universal messages, you need to be more in tune with your feelings. In my book, Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual, I share a technique for establishing internal signals, such as a certain sensation you can identify as “Yes” or as “No”. As you learn to trust those inner promptings you build a spiral of belief that allows you to take greater risks.

Here’s an easy-to-remember formula:

INTUITION — Expand yourself to the possibility that there is an answer for every question. Be open. Ask!

RECOGNITION — Resist the impulse to label the messages as “coincidences.” Validate your guides by acknowledging information when it appears. Don’t expect that every answer will be direct. Sometimes you need the challenge of digging a bit to find your own answers.

APPRECIATION — Express gratitude to who or whatever you believe sent the message! As Hazel Denning (Intuition and Synchronicity, 2001) counsels, “Appreciation is also an energy that creates a repetition of this phenomenon.”

I.R.A. — a spiritual investment fund that you can always draw on, and frankly, this one probably has a much better return in today’s market!

Learning to be tutored from within equals less expenditure of vital energy on fear =
greater well-being and investment into your special resources.

A Personal Experience

The past few years  have been challenging for many people in this country.  In my moments of reverie I would sense “promptings” — like an inner cheerleader assuring me that I would be okay, even when things seemed particularly scary. But during a decidedly bleak time  it was hard to suspend my disbelief and just trust. Most days were still uncomfortably dominated by a fear that I couldn’t seem to talk myself out of, in spite of my usually optimistic life-view. I decided that I should talk this over with one of my favorite people on earth — my BFF who is a therapist and lives in the northeast. With our busy schedules interfering for weeks, we finally connected last month by cell phone as I was driving on the freeway. After updating each other I was about to tell her about my persistent fear, when a pick-up truck changed lanes directly in front of me. Emblazoned on its back window, in bright, goldenrod, stenciled letters were the words “FEAR NOT”. This was such a clear, in-my-face message that I knew it was time to let go of my fear.

The instant message I acknowledged and responded helped me transition beyond the morning dreads, the fear, and the resistance that has characterized my past year and a half. More than ever, I am trusting Universe Online.

Exercise – The Five-Breath

Here is a great way to tune into your inner guidance:

  • Take 3 deep, but gentle breaths in through the nose, taking in FRESH, CLEAR, POSITIVE energy.
  • As you exhale through the mouth, release any STALE, FOGGY, NEGATIVE energy out through the soles of the feet.
  • On the 4th breath, mentally ask your Guide (Higher Self, Divine Energy, Spirit Guide) to be present in your heart, feeling that energy move in from your back.
  • On the 5th breath, allow yourself to expand energetically, so that you sense that your energy field extends at least 6-12 inches beyond your physical body. This is the liaison space between the realm of guidance. Be very open for the next 15-20 minutes following this 5-breath.
  • Repeat several times a day.

Affirmation for Expanding Intuition

The Infinite Intelligence reveals all of the answers that I need. I am open to receiving guidance.

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