Turning Resolutions Into Realities

 Recipe for Mind
Did you know that the average life span of a New Year’s resolution is less than three weeks?  The reason that they tend to fizzle out as quickly as New Year’s Eve champagne is that most of us have not been schooled in the dynamics of the subconscious mind.

Whether you want to break a persistent negative habit, like overeating or choosing the wrong foods, or create a positive one such as getting on a regular exercise program or being more organized, the secret of success lies in making the new behavior second nature to you.

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LJ’s 6 Tips to Avoid Overindulging this Holiday

 With the holidays upon us and temptation abounding, here are some tips that can help you cope with the main events this season:

1.  Have a couple of pieces of fruit about an hour before the main meal.

2.  Drink a glass of water or seltzer one half hour before your meal – if at all possible avoid drinking liquid with your meals as it interferes with digestion.

3.  Food combining is key – if you really crave some meat, poultry or fish, have it with only salad and veggies but no starch (rice, stuffing, potatoes corn, beets). If you prefer the starch, mix that with green veggies and salad. Your stomach will thank you – you will avoid that bloated feeling and not have to loosen your pants!   Have a second meal a few hours later and then you can switch it out and enjoy what you “denied” yourself before.

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Green and Red Walnut Boats – Healthy Holiday Fare!

 Make a festive recipe for your holiday parties that will totally impress your friends and family!

The Green and Red Walnut Boats are at 9:00 on the photo, surrounded by a quartet of mouth-watering raw appetizers from the Raw Fusion Recipe volume, including Angel’d Eggs, Fennel Seed Sausage with Dijon spread and BruschettMa Raviolis (forefront)



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Mind Over Muscle – Part 2

Super-Charge Your Fitness and
Diet Goals Through
the Power of your Imagination.

Have you taken the self-test in the blog directly below this one?  (Mind Over Muscle – Part I)

The information in this post will be much more valuable once you take the time to do that.  Knowing how to communicate to your mind in its preferred representation medium is a monumental resource!

We are learning more and more about how powerful our minds can be in creating your life experience.   The more you engage your mind in the process of any goal or ambition, the faster the results.  Many self-help methods recommend that you should “visualize” your goal in order to get faster results.  I choose to use the term “guided imagery” in recognition that not all of us can easily “see” an image on our mental screen.

This might come rather easily to a VISUAL type, but the AUDITORY or KINESTHETIC might not have that inner sense as well developed.  A way that you can flex all of your sensory muscles is to make lists of different images in every category and practice daily until it becomes effortless to imagine.
For instance:  A baby holding a bottle, or a kite flying in the breeze may be visual images; the sound of a telephone ringing or chimes blowing in the wind are examples of auditory images; while the feel of holding someone’s hand or the sensation of warm flannel sheets against your body are kinesthetic images.  Also experiment with taste and smell; The more you can develop your inner vision, the more magnetic attraction your thoughts create.

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Food Allergies, Anyone?

Recently, I had lunch with a colleague at a popular upscale Asian-inspired restaurant  and was very surprised when  the waiter asked, “Do you have any food allergies we should be aware of?”

In over five decades of going out to eat at least once or twice a week, that was the first time I had been asked that question. Now, while growing up, I suppose I knew that some of the kids in my school had random allergies, like to strawberries or to shellfish. But the idea that eating a peanut could kill someone – let alone by being kissed by someone who had eaten one – never crossed through my consciousness. And I remember eating daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as our main staple food in camp without any fatalities. How is that our food supply has become such a potential liability, that restaurant kitchens want to be on alert?

I could have responded to the waiter with probably a lot more information than he (and my dining companion) might have liked to hear about my food allergies and sensitivities, but it’s something that I’ve been aware of for quite some time and have learned to modify my eating accordingly, especially when I stick to a high raw foods diet.

Food allergies are becoming quite prevalent in people of all ages. While most of what are defined as “allergies” are acute and abnormal reactions of the body’s immune response, there are also food sensitivities and intolerances, such as gluten and lactose intolerance, which have become more commonly known but are often overlooked in traditional diagnoses.

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