Mind Over Muscle – Part I


Super-Charge Your Fitness and Diet Goals Through the
Power of your Imagination.

  Recipe for Mind

Every person receives and processes information from the external world through the doorways of the five senses.  Three of these senses, namely:  sight, hearing, and feeling, are greater equipped to act as filters and process incoming data.  These are called the Learning Channels.  This information is then recorded onto our brains as sensory imprints which are later translated into thoughts, words and action translated through our personal map of reality.

Generally, one of these three learning channels is more developed than the other and it is through this channel that the individual learns and makes distinctions.  The dominant sense or channel is referred to as our primary representational system and individuals are referred to as being VISUAL, AUDITORY, OR KINESTHETIC.  Take the self-test below to determine which learning channel is most significant in creating your particular map of reality.

Although you use all of the representational systems to process information, this self-test will help you determine your bias.  Once you are aware of your preference  I will be sharing cutting edge information in my next blog post on how to motivate yourself more effectively by using self-talk, visualization and guided imagery that is custom-made to your dominant representational system.  Once you have completed this survey, make sure to read  Part 2 of this vital information!

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Self Test is below:

Circle the FIRST response that you relate to in each question.  When finished, total the A’s, B’s, and C’s separately.  Where you see the highest score is likely represents the sense that you prefer for storing information in your brain as well as your communication style.  You will usually find that one letter outscores the other, with another one close by.  The third letter would be the weakest or least used representation system.  It is also not unusual to find the scores evenly distributed among the three letters.

1.  When you relate wonderfully with someone you just meet, you experience:
A.  Being with a person who sees things from your point of view.
B.  Having the opportunity to talk to someone who communicates as you do.
C.  Sharing comfortably your feelings with another person.

2.  The way you memorize names or telephone numbers is:
A.  Using visual images or writing down and mentally photographing them.
B.  Repeating out loud or using rhyming words to remember.
C.  Writing it down several times or by touch on the telephone pad.

3.  On an outing to the beach, what most attracts you is:
A.  The blue-green water, the clouds in the sky, the formations in the sand.
B.  The sound of the surf  crashing on the sand and the sea gulls calling out.
C.  The feel of the breezes and sun, the sand under your feet, the water on your toes.

4.  You tend to communicate what is going on with you by:
A.  The way you dress.
B.  The tone of your voice.
C.  Sharing the way you feel.

5.  When you decorate a room you strive to:
A.  Choose colors and styles that are most pleasing to the eye.
B.  Decorate with what most resonates with you,  using harmonious forms and colors.
C.  Create a cozy niche which feels comfortable to you.

6.  While listening to music, what is your INNER reaction?
A.  Flights of imagination.
B.  Getting into the tone, rhythm, and lyrics.
C.  Experiencing a pleasant vibration in your body, wanting to move with the music.

7.  When you go to a move, your are MOST affected by:
A.  The color, the action, the cinematography, the location.
B.  The dialogue, the background sounds and music.
C.  Your emotional responses (i.e. suspense, sadness, joy)

8.  When installing a difficult new program in your computer you are likely to:
A.  Read the instructions and follow them step-by-step.
B.  Call technical support so that they can guide you through it.
C.  Have someone there to walk you through the set-up if possible.

9.  When you are filled with  well-being, your relationship to the outer world is:
A.  Perceiving all as bright and full of light.
B.  In tune, experiencing a sense of harmony.
C.  Feeling very energized and alive.

10.  An associate made a proposal that you are not in agreement with.  The statement you most identify with is:
A.  I don’t agree with your point of view.
B.  That doesn’t sound right to me.
C.  It just doesn’t feel right to me.

11.  What turns you on most in love-making is:
A.  Being aware of all of the movement and action.
B.  Hearing the sounds and words that are spoken.
C.  Feeling all of the sensations.

12.  When you fall in love, the first thing that you are aware of is:
A.  How wonderful your lover looks to you.
B.  Your reaction to the way your lover talks, or something they said.
C.  A special way that this person makes you feel.

13.  When traveling to new places, the FIRST thing you notice is:
A.  How the place looks.
B.  The different sounds that are associated with it.
C.  The new feelings that surround it.
14.  When driving in a new city and lost, you would:
A.  Buy a map and guide yourself there.
B.  Stop at a service station to get directions.
C.  Drive around to get a sense of direction – then see if you can find your way.

15.  Some of your favorite activities are:
A.  Reading, movies, art galleries, traveling to lovely scenery.
B.  Listening to music, hearing the news, concerts, being at the ocean at night, talking.
C.  Dancing, physical activities, hobbies, cooking, making things.

16.  In order to sleep comfortably at night, what’s most important to you is:
A.  The room needs to be darkened just right.
B.  The room is quiet with muted background noises.
C.  The bed and weight of the covers feels just right.

A_____________                  B______________         C_____________
 VISUAL                                 AUDITORY                   KINESTHETIC

Feel free to post your results and questions below!

copyright 1995, 1999 – Excerpted from Mind Over Muscle, and Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. Information cannot be reprinted without written information.


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  1. I’ve always known I was a visual learner. What surprised me was the only time Kinetics showed up was in relation to love and sex. That was the only time I was really feeling. Interesting.

  2. This is an AWESOME quiz! As a personal trainer, I use these “cues” from my clients to understand how their minds work. This quiz and the following article really packages the concept in a manner that is easy to use and identify for personal trainers AND for all of us working to achieve success in healthy living! GREAT WORK Dr. LJ!

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