Healthi(er) Pizza

 Cooked Food Compromises for a Busy Life

Pizza might not be the healthiest food choice, but raw fusion is about finding realistic compromises and manageable ways to amp up the nutritional value in your daily meal choices. If you find yourself craving a pizza, here is a relatively guilt-free version.

Instead of dialing for delivery, try doctoring up a frozen cheese pizza. You’ll save money, calories and hours of self-recrimination! The fresh veggies will provide important micronutrients and help you digest the cheese and crust, especially if you add leafy greens.

* Buy a plain cheese pizza. The one I started with has a gluten-free crust and vegan cheese, but you can choose according to your dietary restrictions. If you can get a whole-grain crust, even better.
* For toppings, keep it vegetarian. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, meat does not combine well with the cheese OR the carb-based crust. The cheese and leafy greens will provide enough protein.
* Use a variety of fresh veggies. The ones that are on frozen pizzas are processed and have very little nutritional value. In mine I used a combination of spinach, spring mix, red onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives. Red peppers are also great.
* Add fresh herbs for more chlorophyll and nutrients (Mine has basil leaves.)
* Let the pizza defrost for awhile before you bake. This will cut down the baking time and keep the veggies as close to raw as possible.
* Mist the toppings with olive or grapeseed oil to enhance the flavors.
* Add seasonings, like garlic powder (I love Rinaldi’s Garlic gold — roasted garlic nuggets) red pepper flakes, Italian seasonings.
* Instead of adding parmesan cheese, try flaked nutritional yeast – it has a cheesy flavor and loaded with B Vitamins. A super way to avoid that processed cheese!

This year we will be adding many more ideas for “cooked food compromises”.  Feel free to request a raw fusion version of any of your favorite comfort foods by sending an email to

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