Valentine Day Parfait!

 Raw Dessert — Vegan and Gluten-Free!

There’s something very magical about being able to make a delectable chocolate pudding using an ingredient that one would usually relate to more savory and salty dishes.  But the avocado — called the love apple for many centuries — will astound you by how rich and creamy it turns out.  It’s important to get all the lumps out so either use the tines of a fork, a potato masher or even your food processor.

Avocados have 20 essential nutrients including fiber, Vit-E the B-vitamins & folic acid    Cashews contain thiamine that works on memory, similar to gingko biloba. They are both considered brain-boosting foods!  Imagine having a decadent parfait and having it actually be good for your brain!

The Perfect Parfait

Serves 2

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Pinpointing What’s Non-Negotiable


What’s Non-Negotiable?

A “non-negotiable habit” can be defined as being a behavior that is holding us back from what we truly want to achieve — be it better health, more vital energy, more success, greater abundance, or better relationships. Something that we are presently doing needs to change for us to get there and we can no longer justify or rationalize as to why we are not doing it. We also established that an awful lot of mind energy is expended on feeling bad that we are not doing it.

One of the most powerful things you can do is eavesdrop on the tug-o-war between warring factions in your own mind. (Although we often perceive our “self” as being singular, we are really made up of a lot of different facets, just like a jewel.)

For example, one side is vigorously resisting your urge to change, and that seems to hold you back from taking affirmative action. The other side cheers you on as it carries a higher vision of yourself and aspires for you to grow. While you remain caught in the middle between them a vast amount of your energy is being drained. Therefore, it’s no wonder you haven’t been able to motivate yourself to make those changes!

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SuperHealthy SuperBowl SuperSnacks

If you are invited to watch the game at a friends or expecting guests at your place, there’s no rule against providing healthy alternatives to your favorite comfort foods.   Raw Fusion is a realistic and enjoyable lifestyle — you can meet your health and fitness goals by making simple, yet delicious changes to the dishes your family favors.  These recipes are vegan-optional and gluten-free, raw and raw fusion.

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