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If you’ve ever failed at a diet, gained back weight you lost or have had trouble sticking with an eating plan, don’t blame yourself.  It’s virtually impossible to break life-long habits through will power alone.  Most of us need some help in making those changes stick.

Dr. Oz calls hypnotherapy the “secret weapon in losing weight.”  And here’s why: When we diet or deprive ourselves of certain foods in order to reduce, we are attempting to use our will power to control our eating habits.

Every habit you have, from your favorite sleeping position, to the way you brush your teeth, the way you handle stress or the way you eat, is formed in the subconscious mind.   The subconscious mind is 8 times stronger than your will power and will ultimately override your intentions and efforts.   If your subconscious is programmed to eat a certain way, it’s not going to cooperate with your best intentions to change.  This is why most diets fail.

As a specialist with over 25 years of experience in hypnotherapy, subconscious dynamics and the power of suggestion, I have found that when you access the subconscious mind and convert it into your ally rather than an adversary, you get long-lasting weight management results.

And as a Gourmet Wellness Chef and Healthy Living Advocate, I have discovered that when you shift your lifestyle, find delicious, nutritious alternatives to your favorite foods and apply easy-to-follow tips for effortlessly incorporating healthy eating habits, you can change – even save — your life.

Drawing on my experience to overcome my own health issues, I designed Hypnovation for Health, a cutting edge, Online Weight Loss System to help you break your emotional attachment and addictions to certain foods, retrain the brain and inspire you to create a new lifestyle that continually supports your health and fitness goals.

Hypnovation for Health  uses powerful, relaxing hypnotherapy modules for Mind Mastery, along with daily coaching, motivational and educational messages to help you easily create a new, health-enhancing lifestyle to lose weight comfortably and naturally.  And maintain that weight loss over time.

Hypnovation for Health is a very affordable, 18-week, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Online Natural Weight Loss/Healthy Living System that helps users:

  • · Eat Better
  • · Feel Great
  • · Lose Weight
  • · Rejuvenate Mind Body & Spirit
  • · Restore Vitality
  • · Reduce Inflammation and Concurrent Disease.

The Hypnovation for Health System is an Online program that can be completed entirely from the comfort of your home, or wherever you have an Internet connection.  The 18-Week program costs just $149–a little more than one dollar a day.  And your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

 If you’re serious about losing weight, eating healthier and becoming the best you can be, Hypnovation for Health (www.hypnovationforhealth.com) can help you succeed and reach your health and fitness goals.


John and Juli G., a couple, who have been doing the Hypnovation for Health program keep me updated on their incredible results. Juli has lost 32 lbs. so far and John, over 20 in just 2 months.  See photos here

Here’s their story in their own words:
“Hey, LJ, It’s going great! This week, I’ve come within just a few pounds of my first goal. Most importantly, it’s the mentality that’s changing. First, it was that odd craving for green stuff, and just a couple of days ago I was sharing with Juli that I’m starting to really THINK about what I eat, not with a dread of what I shouldn’t eat, but more about what I should eat and enjoy. We just finished breakfast, and I now go straight to the veggie drawer when I think of an omelet, instead of finding what kind of meat I can stuff it with. With the weight coming down, and the hope going up, I find myself a lot more active, and as soon as the rain breaks, we’ll all go to a park and walk. I’m becoming a major fan, and I like the look on people’s faces when I tell them I’m using hypnosis to help me lose the weight!” JG

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LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. aka "LJ"

CREATOR OF HYPNOVATION:  Dr. LindaJoy Rose is a therapist, speaker, wellness chef and author of eight books, including Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods.  She is eHow.com’s Healthy Living Expert and the former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Using a Food is Medicine approach, Hypnovation for Health blends Raw Fusion Cuisine, Subconscious Dynamics, hypnotherapy, nutritional counseling and daily motivation, education and inspiration with simple psychological tools, techniques and tips for eating healthier, overcoming cravings and making better lifestyle choices.  You can learn more at www.drljrose.com; www.hypnovationforhealth.com and www.naturalwellnessacademy.org.

NOTE:  If you are ready to tackle your non-negotiable health and fitness goals into affirmative action for change, check out our very unique HYPNOVATION FOR HEALTH program, which combines my 25 years+ expertise in mind mastery with motivation/inspiration/ education for effortlessly acquiring a new and realistic lifestyle.


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