Setting Intentions for Your Space

Last month our goal was to move out the clutter and begin to design our space around the nine different live areas, according to the basic principles of westernized Feng Shui. This takes into account that our well-being and success can be intricately linked to how energy is allowed to flow through our space.

Definitions of Energy:

  • Everything that occupies a place within time and space
  • Everything that exists on the planet is a form of energy
  • Everything has its own consciousness or energy (plants, furniture, walls, etc.)
  • Everyone has a magnetic field (aura or energy field)

As the atoms in your cells vibrate every moment of every day, an electromagnetic field is formed around your body, which extends outwards from six to twelve inches. This can be considered the “primary space” that you occupy. Secondary space is where you live, work, or play. While invisible to the human eye, it can be detected by sophisticated cameras, as in Kirlian photography. Just as air becomes polluted by environmental toxins, your personal energy field becomes contaminated by negative thoughts and influences.

Have you ever spent the day with someone who simply exhausted you by being in their presence? These are known as “psychic vampires”. They tend to feed off of your energy field, and unless you learn to protect yourself from these types, they can siphon off a portion of your vital force.

Just as you learned in January’s article the necessity of clearing your space of clutter, let’s consider some ways to free your energy field and shield yourself from future intrusions: Once or twice a week, try rubbing your skin with sea salt (available in most natural food markets) or fresh lemon juice in the shower or bath. You can also make a body mist, mixing distilled water and pure essential oils. (more about this later). Perhaps the simplest way is to state a verbal intention to release any negative effects from your field!

An intention is a statement of purposeful desire and belief. According to Gary Zukav, “Your intentions create the reality that you experience.” By opening declaring a resolution within the parameters of the inviolable laws of the mind we take Feng Shui from the magical to the mundane. The changes that come about in your environment may very well be related to actual shifts of energy from placement and of removing clutter. A scientist might refute that. But what I know, as a specialist in subconscious dynamics, that the very act of setting intentions, allies the subconscious mind with your conscious intentions. And the surest way to change anything in your life is to make that change in the subconscious mind.

In my book Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual, I give an overview of the Laws of the Mind, formulated by Emile Coué in the early 1900’s. The Law of Concentrated Attention (first of three) states, “Whenever your attention is focused on an idea, that idea tends to realize itself.” You probably have never considered simply stating an intent for your home, and engaging your mind to activate the highest purpose of each room and area of your space. I know that it never occurred to me until I began to study Feng Shui. By symbolically coding each area of your home, you are engaging your personal energy and the power of your subconscious to collaborate in making positive life shifts.

Creating intentions follows closely the rules for suggestion that we use in the practice of hypnotherapy. The subconscious mind has its own vernacular — it tends to be simplistic and literal — and responds best to directives that are stated in the positive, in the present tense, and with emotionally based words that stimulate action.

Here are some guidelines to creating and implementing intentions for your secondary space. I recommend that you start by writing them on paper. Take your time doing this. You might want to put on some soothing music and light a candle to set the mood.

  1. Start with an intention for your entire house (or office). An example would be: “Health, happiness, and harmony for my entire family” or “May anyone who crosses this threshold experience peace and well-being”.
  2. Then develop one for each room of the house, according to their actual purpose. For instance, if you have a playroom you might set the intention of “Growth, Fun, and Learning for my children”. Make sure to state all of the affirmations in the positive. For instance, don’t create an intention that would say “I don’t want my kids to be fighting anymore in this room.”
  3. Looking back at last month’s article, review the nine energy centers of your home and create an intention for each of these areas: i.e. Relationship Center, “May my partner and I experience love, commitment, mutual understanding, and continued romance.”
  4. Once you have completed them you can then go to each of the rooms and energy centers and state your intentions out loud. The spoken word is a very powerful tool, and your subconscious will be eavesdropping!
  5. According to Jami Lin, author of The Essence of Feng Shui, you can make a room or body spray by combining 5-10 drops of pure essential oils (which have a very high vibrational field) with distilled or spring water and mist in the air as you are stating your intention. I will cover this more on next month’s article on how aromatherapy can be used for motivation, well-being and success, however, the fastest link to the subconscious mind is via the olfactory bulb, which is connected directly to the brain.

Up to now you may have looked at your home as being just four walls surrounding your existence. By implementing the techniques suggested over these past two months you may be surprised at the improvements in your environment and your life.

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