Green Smoothie Countdown Part 1


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If you would like your Spring Cleaning this year to include both your inner and outer environments, consider joining our Green Smoothie Experience starting  next Thursday May 10th. You can opt-in for just a day, or 3 or all week long and have motivational support, recipes, information, videos and plenty of recipes to keep it interesting.

Best of all you will have a forum where you can exchange ideas, tips and support! 

You are welcome to post your questions, queries, experiences, input, favorite recipes or feedback to this or any of the upcoming information blogs and Dr. LJ will respond throughout the day.  We are also very active on our Facebook Fan Page throughout all of these 7 days, where it is easier to start a conversation and keep track of the thread, so please do like us there if you have access to Facebook.

Today we’ll discuss what a GREEN SMOOTHIE EXPERIENCE is and the benefits of participating. ¬†On Sunday (May 6th) the next countdown blog (Part 2) will give you specific information so that you can plan ahead. ¬†Dr. LJ will post loads of recipes, tips on how to best manage the fast, variations for improving your smoothies and ways you can keep on track in subsequent Countdown blogs, so bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on track. ¬†The updates on the blogs will also be posted on Facebook

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Eat to Live) micronutrient diversity is your best defense against degenerative diseases. A wonderfulr (and delicious!) way to flood your body with micronutrients and antioxidants are Green Smoothies.

According to Dr. LJ: ¬†The most common feedback I get on green smoothies are these words –no kidding:
Green Smoothies have changed my life!

Q & A

1.  What is a Green Smoothie Experience?

Essentially it is a fast, with the goal being a gentle internal detox, while providing a vast array of beneficial nutrients to your body.

2.  What is in a Green Smoothie?

A classic Green Smoothie would be comprised of about 40-50% leafy greens, 50-60% fruit of your choice, water and ice. ¬†Nothing else. ¬†Sometimes you may enjoy a “Blended Salad Smoothie” which would be leafy greens with salad variety vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs.

In the next post I will give you all of the details on how to prepare one Рhere is a blog I wrote last year with detailed info and recipes  in the meantime.  And here is a video of me making a classic Green Smoothie as the healthy living expert for

3.  Is that all I get to eat on during the fast?

This Experience is very flexible and you can really opt for whatever works best for you; You can have 4 or 5 smoothies throughout the day in lieu of food; You could have smoothies all morning and afternoon and have a light salad for dinner or you can just make a commitment to have a Green Smoothie every morning for 7 days to get yourself accustomed to this fabulous way to start your day!

Ideally, you will challenge yourself to a day or two or 7 where your food intake is limited to the Green Smoothie so that your body can take a break from processing concentrated foods. ¬†But there is no Green Smoothie police looking over your shoulder — no judgment — only unconditional support, motivation and advice.

4.  How should I prepare?

My next post will have all of the details. ¬†In the meantime enjoy your weekend and go about your eating as usual but personally I’d recommend that you don’t overdo the day or two before the fast even if the tendency might be better get it while I can¬†so that you don’t get uncomfortable with any detox symptoms.

5.  What are the benefits of a Green Smoothie Experience?

Ah, there are so many, but let me list some here to get you motivated:

a)  You will flood your body each day with micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants) and your body will thank you by performing better, releasing toxins and excess weight and providing you with more energy and well-being.

b) Unlike green juice fasts, green smoothies have a lot of fiber so you won’t feel as hungry throughout the day. ¬†They are delicious, filling and very satisfying.

c)  Research has shown that people who eat/imbibe more fresh fruits and vegetables are more attractive as the phytochemicals and polyphenols bring a beautiful and rosy glow to your face and skin.

d) ¬†You will challenge yourself in a way that will strengthen your self-image and inner strength. ¬†Once you prove you can go a day without the foods that you think you can’t live without, you gain a lot of self-confidence.

e)  If you achieve several days of the fast you are more likely to continue on a healthier eating pattern.

More soon!  Next post will be on Sunday, May 6th.

We hope you will join us – please invite all of your friends and family to our Green Smoothie Experience!

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