Indulgent Green Smoothie Variation

My daily green smoothies are a simple blend of whole foods:  Leafy greens, fruits and/or vegetables, ice and water (sometimes coconut water).  On Sundays I mix it up by creating a very luscious creamy shake which is actually packed with nutrition.  I call these “LJ Green Fusion Shakes.”

The base of this smoothie is nut milk.  It is super simple to make your own.  Check out the video below to see how easily you can make your own nut and seed milk, loaded with Vitamin E, healthy fats, omega 3’s and other micronutrients.  With rampant food allergies and lactose intolerance in this country, nut and seed milks are a great alternative.  Especially if you would like to keep antibiotics and hormones out of your family’s diet, since these are the sad realities of our country’s dairy industry.

There are many nut and alternative milks on the market.  I am not a fan of the Silk brand but you can now find their soy and almond milk in mainstream supermarkets everywhere.  So Delicious has a nice line of coconut milk.  And in any health food store you will find a shelf filled with cartons filled with everything from oat to hemp milk.  While I always have a few of these on hand, these products have gone through processing and often have additives and sweeteners.  When I buy the packaged brands my preference is for vanilla-flavored, unsweetened — so that I can have control over what kind of sweetener to use.

Watch me making Nut Milk and a Vegan sandwich on the Daytime Show

To make nut or seed milk all you have to do is soak the nuts or seeds for 6-12 hours (nuts on the longer side as they have more antinutrients and enzyme inhibitors on the skin).  Cashews only require about 2 hours.  Note:  You can only make nut milk with raw nuts and seeds!  ALWAYS drain and rinse the nuts – don’t use the soak water to make the milk.  Using fresh water, blend the nuts or seeds – about one cup soaked nuts to 6-8 cups spring water — for about 2 minutes.  You can sweeten with dates or any sensible sweetener.  Then either pour the mixture into a sieve, cheesecloth or a nut milk bag (we have them on the site for sale).  It takes only moments and you have something fresh, pure and economical.  You’ll also impress your friends and family that you make your own nut milk!

Some of my favorite blends are:  Brazil nuts (makes a very rich, creamy milk); sesame seeds (loaded with calcium and plain yummy!) hazelnuts, hempseeds.

LJ’s Green Fusion Shake

A)  Start with 1-2 cups of nut or seed milk in your blender

B)  Add a scoop of protein powder (we use a hemp-based vegan one from Trader Joe’s)

C)  Add 4-5 pitted dates

D) Add a scoop of powdered greens, like barley grass or a blend like Green Vibrance or Field of Greens.

E)  Add a tablespoon or two of the sweetener of your choice (stevia, honey, maple syrup, agave, palm sugar etc.)

F) Optional:  Add a teaspoon or two of powdered green tea (matcha)  for a boost of powerful antioxidants and the flavor of green tea ice cream

G)  Optional:  Add a scoop of your favorite superfoods – such as chia seeds, ground flaxseed, lucuma, maca or mesquite or even some bee pollen

H)  Optional:  Add a tablespoon of tahini – this is sesame butter or almond butter.

I)  Optional:  Add a scoop of cacao nibs or cocoa powder

J)  Add plenty of ice and BLEND until frothy.

Guilt-free bliss!  Happy Sunday.

LindaJoy Rose (Academy Founder and Natural Wellness Expert)

LindaJoy Rose, PhD is a therapist, author, professional speaker, international trainer, and healthy living expert with over 25 years of experience. As the former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she is a pioneer in the field of subconscious dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy, implementing training and certification in many countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Dr. LJ has appeared numerous times as the Healthy Living expert with the Tampa NBC affiliate and syndicated Daytime TV show, local media coverage, and over 100 videos on the super-information site,

She is the author of eight books, including Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual and Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Health Eating, Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Aging, and contributes regularly to the popular worldwide news service, The Huffington Post.

With a grant from the Astra-Zeneca Foundation, Rose successfully launched a healthy lifestyle retraining program at one of the nation’s largest and most respected clinics. Having overcome a debilitating auto-immune disorder through lifestyle changes and self-care, she subsequently developed a practical and delicious eating philosophy and teaches popular classes with food demonstrations, world-wide.

In 2013, she launched the online and onsite Natural Wellness Academy with certifications in Holistic Health and Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy and with students and graduates in almost 20 countries.

The daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Dr. Rose is also a volunteer docent at the Florida Holocaust Museum and resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and 4 furry companions.

"From training therapists internationally in the fields of psychology and hypnotherapy to being an online mentor for two West Coast Universities, to founding the Natural Wellness Academy, teaching has always been my passion, I enjoy nothing more than informing and inspiring prospective coaches and therapists."

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