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Natural Alternative to Vitamin Water

Are you hydration-challenged? Do you find it difficult to down your recommended 8 x 8 oz’s each day?

I go in and out of good hydration cycles; sometimes right on track, other times neglectful to the point that I can sense my body craving liquid. So I was very excited when I found this photo and idea on a friend’s Facebook page for making your own true vitamin water. (This was originally posted by A Life in Balance.)

There has been some controversy lately about the viability of the Vitamin Water brand. Evidently they are using synthetic sources for vitamins and there is a lot of sugar per serving, making these anything but nutritious.

Mason jars make great containers to “brew” these magical infusions. I immediately started a watermelon/rosemary one — truly delicious and inspired me to increase my water intake by quite a large margin. What’s especially cool was that I refilled the jar 3 times and each time the water was pleasantly infused.

Just slice the fruits into manageable portions and place in jar with sprigs of fresh herbs. Cover with water – another option I want to try is to infuse coconut water.

I have also tried the Pineapple/Mint and a few nights ago I created a blend of apricot and peach slices with a vanilla bean, but enjoy the herbs better mixed with the fruit. I also really enjoyed a Pineapple/Cilantro blend. What I discovered is that I can use the core of the pineapple along with some of the “meat” so that’s a creative way of using a part of the fruit that would normally go in the trash. I’ve also tasted cucumber-infused water and think that adding some herbs would make a lovely combination. Cucumber is ultra-hydrating to the skin and considered a beauty-aid.

After 3 refills, I’ve been ‘recycling” the sliced fruit (and sometimes the herbs) into my green smoothie in the morning. Another great advantage to consider about making your own vitamin water is ecological; think of the great service you are doing the planet every time you avoid using a plastic container that can take up to 2000 years to break down — so you are leaving less of a carbon footprint.

Several years ago I was visiting a beautiful hotel in Old Town Philadelphia with my best friend. They had a large, inviting urn filled with icy spring water and lots of thin slices of citrus (orange, lemon, lime). It was so refreshing and I vowed to make this a habit at home and even followed through on this — all of two times. But I am happily infusing every day since seeing these lovely photos and hope that a new habit has been born!

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We just made a beautifully-infused vitamin water at an event that I facilitated in Charleston, West Virginia with cucumber-mint-pineapple and lots of ice.  It was a big hit and inspired a lot of people to try these at home.

For more Healthy Hydration Tips, check out another article I wrote at this link.

April 15-29, 2013

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  1. Hi, I really want to make this vitamin water it looks awesome! I’m wondering how long you can leave it in the jar? Won’t it ferment?