End of Summer Giveaway – $75 in prizes!

August and September are hectic months for a lot of folks: vacations are wrapping up, school is starting. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to fall back on bad eating habits, but thanks to Dr. LJ’s End of Summer Giveaway, it can be just as easy to eat healthy, conveniently and deliciously.

Place your entries by commenting, liking us on Facebook, sharing one of our pictures on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or tweeting about the contest. The more entries you place, the more likely you are to win! Plus, you can tweet and share each day for extra entries. ENDS 9/6!  CONTEST HAS ENDED AND THE WINNER WAS DIANE MAXWELL.  WE WILL BE HAVING A NEW CONTEST SOON! 

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Eggplant Hot Pockets – Meatless Monday Vegan or Vegetarian Fare

Vegan or Vegetarian Options, Grain or Gluten-Free for Meatless Monday

With lots of people avoiding gluten and grains, I thought I’d invent a comforting and delicious faux sandwich in the Raw Fusion Kitchen for my sandwich-loving hubby.

Food combining has always been a tried and true way for me to maintain a healthy weight; While I believe that occasional indulgences are de riguer for a long-term successful weight management program, for the most part avoiding combining starchy carbs with animal protein is better all-around for proper digestion and weight loss.

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Brazilian Bliss Bites – Triple Green Goodness

 Grown-Up Cookies – Raw, Vegan and Gluten-free

Inspired by the award-winning pistachio butter from Living Tree Community, my favorite online source, I made a simple recipe that has a very adult appeal  for my mind-morning tea break.

Starting with a batch of rich Brazil Nut Milk, loaded with cell-repairing selenium, I added the sensational pistachio butter and decided to build on the “green-theme” by adding powdered greens and anti-oxidant rich green tea matcha powder.

I tried a variety of shapes, including cookies, treat balls and even a large scone but found that I preferred the cookies, which became a bit “crispier” in the dehydrator.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Dream Pie

Raw Vegan & Gluten-Free Goodness

To celebrate our brand new (3rd) compilation edition of Raw Fusion Living, which came out only a few days ago, I wanted to make one of the great desserts from the book.

Chocolate Hazelnut Dream Pie is one of those raw desserts that make even the most mainstream eaters fans of the raw foods lifestyle.  Even when you tell them that it’s made with some unusual ingredients, like Irish Moss and Lecithin some of the extraordinary products and superfoods from my favorite online store, Living Tree Community.

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Lemon Artichoke Hummus — An Alkaline Feast

Raw Fusion Vegan, Gluten-Free

We’ve been on an Alkalinity Challenge since July 30th and this is one of the featured recipes.  While eating a high alkaline (80%) low acid (20%) diet for a few weeks IS a challenge for most of us who are more attracted to the higher acidic (low pH) foods, this was the kind of ultra-satisfying, yet light meal where you wonder why you are not devoting yourself to a healthier lifestyle more frequently!

I have made hummus with garbanzo beans (chickpeas) 100’s of times and even used them when I first developed the recipe. 

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