Cheezy Cashews – Super Snack!


Raw cashews  are brain boosters.  They contain thiamine, which enhances memory — similar to the herb gingko biloba.

Nutritional yeast is loaded with B vitamins, including B12 which is harder for vegans and vegetarians to source.  It has a very delightful, cheese-like flavor and also works well on air-popped corn and pasta or spiralized zucchini dishes.  I add it to soup and blended salad smoothies.

This snack takes only moments to prepare (aside from soaking the cashews for 1 hour to soften them slightly – be careful not to oversoak — 2 hours maximum.)  Carry these to work with you or to have after a workout.

Remember, when you take a few extra minutes to prepare these healthy snacks, you are less vulnerable to fast food and packaged, processed snacks from convenience stores. 

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