Sensible Sweetener Series – Date Paste

A few notes:

  • Date paste will stay fresh up to 10 days in a covered container in your fridge.
  • Remove pits before blending :- )
  • Medjool dates are my personal favorites for making date paste.  For snacking, if you can get a hold of Bahri dates, they are magnificent-tasting – truly like eating a caramel candy!
  • Dates, while high on the glycemic index, are also high in fiber, which delays sugar absorption.
  • Try using about 2/3 the amount of date paste to 1 cup of granulated sweetener.  Taste to determine if it’s sweet enough.
  • The taste is different, but lovely and once you get used to it, you will crave the difference!
  • Most SUGAR, unless organic, is a combination of evaporated cane juice AND genetically-modified sugar beets.  GMO’s long term effects are questionable.

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