LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 5th


raspberry yogurt parfait (640x457) What I Ate Saturday

Featuring Chia Berry Parfait and Sun Butter Carob Cups

Morning water and green smoothie.¬† One of my favorite standards is “Green Fairy Lemonade” — kale, butter lettuce, pineapple, green apple, hunk of ginger, lemon (remove the peel), ice and water — and since this one is so tangy I add a little raw orange blossom honey and stevia.

I don’t adore stevia, but I’m training myself to use it more, thereby reducing the amount of other sweeteners.¬† TruVia is very mainstream and from what i understand, is not the best choice, so I’ve been experimenting with different brands from the health food store.

Mid-morning: A parfait of Greek style sheep yogurt and raspberry chia jam.  It is super simple to make fresh jam using chia seeds.  Check out the video below to see how easy.  Sometimes I eat a tablespoon or two for sweet cravings.  Lately I am not using agave to sweeten my jam, as mentioned in this video.  Jerusalem artichoke syrup has virtually no glycemic impact, so I use that as my main sweetener with a little coconut nectar or crystals to brighten it up as the artichoke syrup has a bit of a vegetal finish.

A Note About Dairy:¬† For a long time I was vegan and lately have been adding in some dairy products and eggs with occasional fish.¬† I always prefer nut milk over any cow product and sometimes buy non-dairy yogurt from coconut or soy.¬† When I do eat cheese I seek out goat milk varieties.¬† The protein molecule of goat dairy is smaller than the cow variety and easy for humans to digest.¬† Not exactly sure about the sheep variety but it’s creamy and good.¬† When I buy any kind of yogurt I always buy plain because I can add the flavorings, thereby controlling sugar, preservatives and other additives.

Late Lunch: ¬†Made a batch of Creamy Cashew Pimento Cheeze¬†the other day.¬† This is surprisingly simple to make and stays good for up to a week in the fridge. See the link for the recipe.¬† I toasted a piece of millet bread and spread some of the cheeze and added grape tomatoes and fresh jalapeno pepper slices, which I’ve been craving lately.¬† I made a version of this sandwich for my husband, who prefers to be referred to as “Z” from here on out :- ) — definitely not a favorite of his, but I absolutely loved this raw fusion sandwich.

I was glad I had extra salad dressing from the other night – I simple one I whipped up from black sesame paste, brown rice vinegar, coconut nectar and fresh garlic.¬† Featured in this salad are hydroponic butter lettuce, fresh green peas, watermelon radish slices (found this at Abby’s the other day!) red peppers and cucumber.

cashew cheese sandwich and salad 1 (640x360)

Sorta Dinner:¬† Wasn’t super hungry so I steamed a bunch of brussel sprouts, adding crushed garlic, coconut oil, sea salt and rosemary to the water.¬† I had mine with lots of nutritional yeast on top and shared some with the puppies, who especially liked the steam water mixed in with their grain-free kibble and cooked turkey.

In the afternoon I anticipated having a Saturday night sweet tooth so I whipped up some of these raw fusion candies.  Very simple.  Basically if you take any nut butter, sweeten it, then add some melted coconut oil and freeze, you will have a fudge-like confection that melts in your mouth.  Best to keep them stored in the freezer in between sweet cravings!  I savored mine with lavender-chamomile herb tea, a delightful blend from Traditional Medicinals.

Most Sunflower Seed butters have added sugar but the MaraNatha Brand is only roasted sunflower seeds and salt.  Because it is roasted, this is a raw fusion recipe, especially when you use raw carob.  Feel free to sub roasted carob powder (much easier to find) or cocoa powder.

Sun Butter Carob Cups

2/3 cup sunflower butter (about 1/2 a 12 oz. jar)
1/3 cup carob (or cocoa powder)
1/4 cup melted coconut oil (you can melt this as a bain marie  in a small dish over hot water without having to use microwave)
12 drops of stevia (I used NuNaturals vanilla stevia)
1 TB. vanilla extract
2 TB. maca powder (this is a superfood and totally optional but gives it a nice malted flavor while adding nutrients)
Dash sea salt
1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds plus 2 or 3 extra teaspoons for decoration
A couple of teaspoons of coconut sugar for shaking on top along with cinnamon — optional!

sunflower sweet snack 1 (640x360)

Directions:¬† Lightly oil a mini-muffin pan with some of the coconut butter and a paper towel — I used only 8 of the depressions for this recipe.¬† Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into muffin cups, garnishing with sunflower seeds, cinnamon and sea salt.¬† Cover tightly with plastic wrap and freeze a couple of hours until firm.¬† Using a sharp knife, gently loosen one side and the sun butter cup should pop out easily.

sunbutter cups2 (640x360)

¬†These got a big thumb’s up from Z.¬† He is usually not a carob lover but he is enjoying more of these treats lately.¬† A great outcome of eating healthier is what I call the “taste change.”¬† Suddenly things that you really liked before don’t taste the same, and conversely you find that you enjoy the taste of foods that are more natural.

If you would like to experience a guided Raw Fusion Living experience, consider participating in our next Alkalinity Challenge,starting Monday, January 14th.  I also update our Facebook Fan Page with many daily tips, techniques, tools and recipes for life.

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