LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 13th


 salmon salad 2 (640x360)What I Ate Sunday

Cooked Food Compromises

I definitely have days where I eat more cooked food than others and today was one of them.  Recently I went back to boxing as one of my main forms of exercise and noticed that I am craving more dairy and fish.   Eating the “raw fusion way” has definitely put me more in tune with my body and its needs by “listening” to cravings; Some of them come from anxiety, some from yeast overgrowth (candida) and some seem to be valid messages about how I can tweak my diet for better performance and sustained energy and well-being.

Today, like most mornings, I started with a :traditional”  Green Smoothie.  On Friday I had a mishap with the Vitamix;  The bolt must have loosened somehow from my class the night before (very rare for a Vitamix) and we wound up with green goop over all of the counters and cabinets.  Saturday we never got around to making one, so I was definitely craving my “fix”.  The beauty of these green concoctions is that once you get in the habit of drinking them each morning and loving how they make you feel, it becomes second nature to have one to start your day.

Mid-morning Z and I were in the mood for some eggs for breakfast.  I eat eggs about once a week and only when I can get organic free range.  (“Cage Free” does not necessarily mean cruelty-free as they are kept still in pretty cramped quarters.)  When I fry them in coconut oil I always add some baby spinach to the pan and prefer mine as a sandwich on millet toast with a sprinkle of Garlic gold nuggets and some nutritional yeast.

breakfast eggs (640x360)

After breakfast (which was almost noon) I made a cappucino.  For Hanukkah Z bought me a milk frother and we have had a blast making all kinds of tea lattes and coffee confections.  I use almond milk for my base and flavored the Colombian instant coffee with some vanilla extract, cinnamon and coconut sugar.  Since we are starting a two week Alkalinity Challenge tomorrow (January 14th) I won’t be having black tea or coffee during that time as it’s acidic to the body.  But I love teecino and rooibos, so I won’t miss it!  I find these frothed nut milk drinks to be very comforting and filling and didn’t think about food again for several hours.

In the afternoon, after boxing I had a snack of a green apple and raw almond butter.  I actually made my own almond butter last week as I had seen a Facebook poster that showed you can make it in only 10 minutes in the food processor.  Mine took 25 minutes in my very high-powered Kitchen Aid.  The intense friction and heat of the blades made me wonder how “raw” it really is because when food is heated over 115 degrees it loses a lot of enzymes and nutrients.

We had some friends in town and went out to dinner.  Tonight I was craving some fish and had very rare salmon and salad with the lemon-feta vinaigrette dressing on the side.  Sometimes I ask them to leave off the feta cheese but not tonight.  No dessert (I wouldn’t have shared any since I am off refined sugar for the year) and I found that I didn’t want any sweets last night.  Wondering if having animal protein twice today helped with that?

So, this is not a typical food day for me as I ate more cooked food than usual and more animal protein, but I do want to give you an honest accounting of what my Raw Fusion Lifestyle entails.

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