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  Recipe For Spirit

The sole purpose of human existence is
to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
– Carl Gustav Jung

This year I am rereading Simple Abundance:¬†¬† A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.¬† If you are not familiar with this amazing book, it is a book of 366 short daily essays that guide you to encountering your authentic self through the principles of simplicity, joy, abundance and gratitude.¬† Using meaningful quotes from extraordinary authors and inspirational teachers and sharing her own journey via a fully engaging writing style, I’m sure that Breathnach has positively influenced many lives.

On this go-around (the first time I read this was back in ’96) I¬† got an idea for a technique that I could add to my daily meditation from a quote by Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way — another book that had a huge impact!) about “spiritual electricity”; How it’s always there for the asking — but we have to ask.¬† Spiritual Electricity is described as “more energy and inspiration, amazing and delightful coincidences,¬† and the ability to accomplish goals with grace.”

Yes, I’d like a nice big serving of that!

 Meditative Methods Made Easy

Have you grappled with getting the habit of meditating on a regular basis?  In my case, it took over 20 years and countless classes, philosophies and styles.  When I developed my 20 Breaths Technique, and consistently practiced it for over a year, I was able to move into a daily meditation routine of 20 minutes fairly effortlessly.  I explain this easy-to-implement technique in a former blog, The Longest Journey Ever Made.  

One of the chief benefits of meditating regular is the ability to tap into the source of infinite wisdom.¬† The word intuition means to be tutored from within.¬† While we are constantly inundated with the white noise of a busy mind and daily life, it’s harder to tune in to our inner guidance.¬† Making meditation a regular thing is not simple, on many levels.¬† That’s why I have spent so much of my professional career designing realistic shortcuts for delving into the wealth of the subconscious mind.

Turning it On

Whether you are a daily meditator or someone who aspires to be, this is an uncomplicated¬† technique you can use either as an adjunct to your regular practice or simply employ it after doing some deep breathing as a way for “turning on” your spiritual electricity.

In Eastern philosophy the chakra system can be likened to the glands of the etheric (energy) body.  In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel and when we enjoy good physical, mental and spiritual health, they spin in a seamless, counterclockwise direction.  The photo below highlights the 7 major chakras and the colors associated with them.  For the purpose of our Light Bulb technique, we will be utilizing 5 of them.

You will be using your imagination.  If visualization does not come easy, just do your best and work more towards an inner sensation of light and warmth.  You can do this technique in as little as 5 minutes.

Let There Be Light

Step 1 –¬†Knowing that you can be in a safe, undisturbed place for at least 5 minutes, close your eyes and do some deep breathing.¬† I do recommend that you review the 20 Breaths, which can be shortened to 5 breaths when time is limited.¬† Each intake of breath brings in an abundance of positive, life-enhancing energy.¬† Each exhalation releases tension, pressure and discomfort of any kind.

Step 2 – Imagine or sense that you are “inside” of yourself, in the center of your head.¬† Above you and within reach is a classic lightbulb with a string or chain hanging down (see photo above for reference point).¬† Pull down the cord and experience the light radiating all throughout your head area, both front and back.¬† Take a moment or two to appreciate how this feels.

Step 3 РImagine that you are traveling down to your throat area.  Find the bulb and cord and pull.  This is the center of communication and healing of both self and others.  Imagine that the light generated here radiates all the way down to the tips of your fingers.

Step 4 – Moving down to the center of your chest — your heart center — pull the cord and allow the warmth and radiation to fill your entire chest cavity, both front and back.¬† Love and compassion generate from this vital area.¬† This one should feel warm and fuzzy :- )

Step 5 – Going down further, you are in the diaphragm area, the center called the solar plexus just above the navel.¬† This is the center of will, courage and determination, related to the “inner sun”.¬† Turning the light on here will help you increase your confidence and willpower.

Step 5 – Your final stop will be deep in the belly, in the area of the reproductive organs.¬† This is the center of passion — not just sexual passion, but the impetus to create and share your mission with the world.¬† Turn on the light here to bring illumination and consciousness to those deep urges.

Step 6 – You may choose to end here after taking a couple restorative breaths.¬† An expression of gratitude to the “powers that be” for the light and spiritual electricity will help to keep the channels open.

OR, you may travel back to the heart center and sit in reverie for as many moments as you can spare, softly awaiting the inspiration and tutoring of your inner sage.


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