Frozen Banana with Nut Butter Super Snack

Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free Warm Weather Treat

Sometimes it’s the simplest recipes that deliver the most delight.  Here is a frozen treat you can make in minutes and store for at least a month in the freezer.  Just grab and go.  If you find them messy to hold you can easily insert a craft (popsicle) stick or a shortened kebob skewer to avoid sticky fingers as they melt.

Choose bananas that are ripe yet firm.  I generally allow my bananas to develop quite a few brown spots before using — not because I like them that way as I actually prefer them on the greener/harder side.  From my research for the Banana Series for, I learned that the greener the banana, the more starch it contains and it is lower on the glycemic scale, approximately 30-40.  As it ripens, the starch turns into sugar, taking it higher on the glycemic index, between 50-60 but it is easier for your body to digest.

As a banana deeply ripens (mainly brown spots) the fruit develops a substance called “Tumor Necropsy Factor” reputed to help blast tumor and cancerous cells.  Bananas are powerhouses of micronutrients and antioxidants, including folate, B6, potassium, Vitamin C, manganese and fiber.

You can use peanut butter as the filler and chopped peanuts but since many people are sensitive to the aflatoxin mold in peanuts, I recommend using almond butter and chopped walnuts.  Try different combinations to find what you like best.  Also, to make these fully raw, use non-roasted almond, walnut or cashew butter and raw nuts or seeds.

frozen banana nut 1

Frozen Bananas in Nut Butter with Crushed Nuts


2 large ripe bananas
2 TB. agave nectar, honey or coconut nectar
3 tablespoons creamy peanut or almond butter
4 tablespoons crushed walnuts


Prepare 2 sheets of waxed paper wide enough to use to wrap a banana in each.

Peel the bananas and carefully slice each one lengthwise.

Using a knife, spread the on one half of each banana and carefully replace the top half.

Using two plates, spread agave or honey widely on one plate and the crushed walnuts on the other.  Gently roll one of the bananas in the agave and then into the walnuts to coat thoroughly.  Wrap in waxed paper.  Repeat with the second banana.

Place in freezer for several hours and ENJOY!

frozen banana nut 2

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