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Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for 2014!

Doing work that you love is one of the greatest blessings you can have in life.  As I reflect back over 2013, this has been a particularly blessed one as I have been able to fulfill two of my passions – teaching and mentoring.  Through my blogs, newsletters, recipes, workshops, speaking engagements and books, I seek to inform and inspire others to live a healthy and harmonious life and learn to balance between body, mind and spirit.

This year we launched the first Natural Wellness Coaching Certification and I have the privilege of guiding and mentoring outstanding candidates that are realizing their own passion in helping others and being part of a grand scale movement in making this world a better place.

Do you have a passion to be part of this wellness revolution?

In 2014, we are launching 3 new certifications in addition to our 150 hour Holistic Health Coach program!  These will be discussed and revealed in our free teleconference Wednesday, January 15th @ 8:30 pm EST.  Call in details below.

These programs will also be certified by the prestigious International Hypnosis Federation.

What makes our Natural Wellness curriculums and programs distinctive is the unparalleled approach we take with making sure that all of our students understand and master the Mind/Body connection.  Margaret Mead said, “It is easier to change a person’s religion than the way they eat.” Yet when you enlist the subconscious mind to embrace healthy habits and behaviors, it is very doable.

Here is a comment from one of our candidates on Dr. LJ’s Mind Module:

I loved it! Honestly, it’s like the light bulb went off. Now I can see why I’ve struggled with making certain changes in my life. This is transformational LJ! that alone was worth the money I spent to do your program All the extra stuff is a great perk though!  Meghan G.

Wherever you are in your wellness career right now – contemplating the field, having received training in holistic health, life coaching or therapy, or wanting to change and improve the quality of your life, we have an ideal program that fits your needs.


If you are interested in finding out about this course, along with our Life Coaching and Holistic Health Coaching training and the special pricing offers, we have teleconference playback info here.  Send an email to drljwellness@gmail.com for special pricing.

Playback Number: (712) 432-1202
Access Code: 749177#  Reference #2

 Make your self-growth, further education and career goals come true in 2014!

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Founded in 2013, the Natural Wellness Academy provides personal mentorship to nurture students into knowledgeable, marketable coaches and guides who improve people’s holistic health outcomes. Explore our expert-led, professional certifications in various wellness specialities to lauch a rewarding career or to augment your existing practice.

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