Blended Green Drinks vs. Green Smoothies


GreenSmoothieFormulaRFL   Keeping them simple is best

For many years I have been introducing thousands of people the benefits of green smoothies through Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss andAnti-Aging and facilitating workshops throughout the country where I demonstrate their deliciousness. We also have periodic guided green smoothie and juice fasts through my website, Facebook page, eHow and YouTube videos (see below)

Freshly extracted juice is also a fantastic way to start out your day. There is incontrovertible evidence that juicing can do wonders for improving one’s health. There are also studies that show…..

Most people don’t have the equipment, time or patience to juice every morning. Blended green drinks take only moments to prepare and leftovers can be stored in a covered container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Fresh juices should be drunk immediately or the nutrients become diminished through oxidation. The fiber in the blended drinks keeps them from oxidizing as quickly.

Another benefit over juicing is having less waste. When I juice I always have to figure out what creative thing I can do with the pulp (short of putting it on the compost pile) which feels like a lot of extra bother.

Less is More

My formula is very simple for a blended green drink:

40% leafy greens (any green, lettuce or herb with the exception of iceberg)

60% fruits and/or vegetables (can be fresh or frozen or combination)

Filtered water or coconut water (several inches to break down the ingredients)

Ice (this is optional but most people feel that it makes them very pleasant and easy to drink)


Let me just add this, and that…

However, I get a lot of emails from people who share how they make their Green Smoothies — and they invariably add items that I would not recommend: Yogurt, ice cream, milk or nut milk, seeds or nuts and protein powders.

I think it’s because when we buy these “all natural” smoothies from fast food restaurant, mall stores or health club kiosks, they are made with a dairy base and come with all of these optional “add-ins”. Many people think that “well if this is healthy for me, I’ll make it even healthier by adding all this stuff.”

Smoothies made with dairy, protein powder and nuts are much more taxing to digest, thus defeating the purpose of starting out with something gentle and easy for your body to absorb. Just keep it simple – some of my favorite Blended Green Drinks have just a few ingredients. Think “Less is more”.  Nuts and milk have extra calories and fat – why not save those for later in the day?

In a simple blended green drink, the bountiful antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals of the simple fruits, greens and vegetables are easy to digest and absorb. They flood your body with nutrition and easy-to-convert energy, while the greens help slow down the sugar absorption.

NOTE:  The more items (aside from greens, fruits and veggies) you add to your smoothie, the more difficult they will be to digest. 

The Toxic Smoothie

 Traditional smoothies contain one or more of the following ingredients, all of which can be a digestive burden to the body:

  • Dairy Milk – many people have sensitivities to dairy and much of our milk supply has added antiobiotics and hormones
  • Nut Milk – the box and carton variety are highly processed and the majority contain an additive called “carrageenan” which has been flagged as causing inflammation and even cancer-causing!
  • Protein Powder – many brands are high in toxic metals, even some of those that claim to be raw and completely natural. Whey varieties can cause food sensitivities and are acid-forming
  • Supplements – many are synthetic and can cause more harm than good. A blended green drink is already brimming with nutrients!
  • Yogurt – While some brands of plain Greek yogurt can be a healthy addition to a non-vegan lifestyle, it is not at its best food combining property in a smoothie. Save it for a protein snack later in the day!

BlendedSaladSmoothie1 (252x396)

 ITEMS THAT ARE OKAY TO ADD TO SMOOTHIES A FEW TIMES A WEEK – BUT MAINLY, KEEP THEM SIMPLE:  Hempseeds, chia seeds, bee pollen, ground flaxseed 

QUESTION: Would you add milk or chopped nuts to a glass of juice?

 Most likely the answer would be No! Think about your Blended Green Drink as a a glass of life-enhancing juice in the morning, without all the waste or hassle. Give this morning a ritual a try for a few weeks and I will guarantee that it will change your life.

 QUESTION: Worried about where you’d get enough protein in your smoothie?

 Dark leafy greens are an excellent source of highly absorbable protein! Without the interference of all those extras, your body will get a super quick dose of vital nutrients and CHLOROPHYLL, which is akin to human blood.

QUESTION: Concerned about how little time you have in the morning to make one?

 These take only moments to throw together, but since there is so much fiber in them, you can make the Blended Green Drink the night before and still enjoy it in the morning or up to 72 hours after making them! You can also divide up the ingredients into plastic zip lock bags or containers and freeze them so you just add them with some liquid in the morning and blend.


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