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Looking and Feeling Young:  A Major Benefit of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.  From the London VegFest September 27-28, 2014

4 Raw Goddesses

Left to Right:  Victoria Moran, 64 yrs old, Mimi Kirk, 76 yrs,  Dr. L J, 60, Karen Ranzi, 60

Yes — you read that right.   That stunning blonde just celebrated her 76th birthday last week!

I was thrilled to be a speaker at the London VegFest last month and had a chance to meet up with some Raw Goddesses I deeply admire for the example they set as standard bearers for this wonderful lifestyle. Have to admit that being at this wonderful event and in their presence has re-committed me to keep most of my daily intake high raw and plant-based.

Raw Goddesses Inspire by Example

Victoria Moran, author of 12 books, is a rock star in the world of veganism.  She has appeared on Oprah and has a commendation from President Clinton for her work in educating on the plant-based lifestyle.  Lithe and lovely, she appears decades younger than her 64 years,  She has been completely plant-based for many years and in the summer maintains a high raw diet.  Her business,  “Main Street Vegan” is based in exciting New York City.

Mimi Kirk is an inspirational role model on the anti-aging and health-enhancing benefits of the raw foods lifestyle.   She travels the world, sharing her high energy recipes and positive approach to life.  Mimi is truly the waybearer in how aging is just a state of mind AND how we treat ourselves, inside and out.  Vegan for over 40 years, she has been a raw foodist for at least 20 and has just published a new book on the benefits of juicing. 

Karen Ranzi is a world-renowned authority on how to raise “super healthy children” through a raw foods lifestyle and enlightened parenting skills.  The mother of two wonderful kids, she has set the example by maintaining a full raw lifestyle for over 20 years.  She has written a great book on the subject and just published a great family “uncook” book that should be in every home.  Karen contributed to the Raw Fusion Living book and has been friend and colleague for close to 5 years.  We both turned 60 this summer, just 3 weeks apart and proud to be examples of graceful and gifted aging.

 Raw Foods and Longevity

What is it about eating a high raw food diet that slows down the aging process and gives such a bright glow and high energy?  Here are a few simplified points to consider:

  • Raw foods retain more micronutrients and antioxidants – Cooking at temperatures over approximately 115 degrees destroys as much as 70% of the vitamins, minerals and compounds in food that maintain healthy cell function and help remove toxins and free radicals that could promote aging and disease.
  • Raw and living foods have more active enzymes – When enzymes retain intact in foods (i.e. not destroyed by high heat) digestion takes much less of a toll on our pancreas and other glands and organs.  Proper enzymatic activity supports the entire organism.
  • Cooking foods creates dangerous by-products – something we are not taught in school is how baking, frying, grilling, broiling toasting, and barbeque-ing cause chemical interactions in our foods that produce toxic end products (called Advanced Glyco-Oxidation End Products or AGE’s). For example, the carmelization (browning) on baked products and french fries contain acrylamides (think “acrylic”!) that are found to be carcinogens (cancer-causing).  Anytime our bodies have to break down excess elements and chemicals, it creates a burden on the organism as a whole and can hasten organ deterioration, inflammation and oxidation.

For a much more detailed overview on the numerous benefits of the Raw Foods Lifestyle, check out my book Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Aging.

Not to mention the mind

Longevity has a lot to do with the way you think about yourself, the world and life, in general.  These wonderful women featured above have a very upbeat approach to life.  I believe that eating such high vibrational food, avoiding the highly processed and chemical-laden “food-like” products of the industrial food complex, and generally avoiding foodstuffs that are harvested through cruelty, has a huge impact on one’s overall outlook and demeanor:  There is a lot less “white noise” going on in your head when you are not ingesting chemicals and synthetic hormones.;  Your body and mind feel less lethargic from the digestive process; and whole foods in their natural state flood the body and mind with a higher vibration.

Anti-Aging Dynamics – How To Live Fit, Vibrant and Youthful

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