5 tips to stick to your detox


1. Select a sensible program.

A sensible program doesn’t require starvation, suspicious foods, or rare kitchen equipment. The more difficult the regimen, the more concerted effort it will take for you to maintain the program–and the less likely you will complete it. The S Cleanse is an example of a detox that anybody can complete, because it allows users to enjoy delicious homemade meals and snacks.

2. Plan one month in advance.

Sufficient planning allows you to not only gather physical supplies you’ll need for your detox (such as ingredients), but also to mentally prepare. You should also use this time to thoroughly research your selected program so you are aware and ready for any effects (e.g. headaches are a relatively common symptom of detoxes) you might experience, and what methods, if any, you can use to mitigate them.

3. Pick a good time.railway-destinations-calendar-schedule

Try to schedule your detox during a typical week that has no holidays, vacations, stressful meetings, or unusual responsibilities (e.g. hosting family members). Starting and maintaining a detox program initially involves a conscious effort, so if you have to expend extra energy on additional tasks that aren’t normally part of your daily routine, you’re less likely to finish your detox.

4. Start small.

Choose programs that allow for 3-4 day detoxes, such as the S Cleanse, which has 4-, 7-, and 21-day options. You’ll still get the benefits of the detox while minimizing your time commitment (and possibly reducing the length of uncomfortable side effects, such as headaches). As you become more comfortable with detoxing, you can extend your regimen to the length that works best for you and your particular circumstances.

lion-friends-support5. Detox with friends.

By providing support, group detoxes maximize your chances. However, detoxing with nearby friends and family isn’t an option for most, which is why the best detox programs offer solid online support groups. The S Cleanse, for example, has an option for participants to consult with a health coach. There are also generic forums and Facebook pages available for detoxers.

Extra: Consult a pro.

You should always talk with your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any detox program. In addition to your doctor, working with a lifestyle coach can provide you with the extra boost and reassurance you need to complete your detox. Your health coach can discuss detox options with you and walk you through any non-medical questions you might have.

What are your tips?

What troubles have you had with detoxes? What techniques do you use to stay on track? Share your tips and experiences below!

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