Quiz: Do I need to detox?


ChemicalsShould I detox? Do I need to detox?

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of detoxing, but how do you know when it’s time to complete one? Complete our easy quiz to see if detoxing could be right for you. Quiz below the fold! Always consult with your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any nutritional program!

Should I detox?

Instructions: Check the symptoms that currently apply to you.

You answered “Yes” to questions.

At a score of 2 or greater, it is highly recommended that you complete a detox program. The higher your score, the more you could potentially benefit from a quality detox. Scroll down for information on our preferred detox program, or read our post on the top 4 detox programs reviewed.

The smart way to detox

Do you find it difficult to complete detoxes that demand deprivation and difficult regimens? Check out the brand new The S Cleanse: The Simple System to Supercharge Your Life, a simple, stress-free, satisfying way to detoxify your system. You enjoy wholesome Super Smoothies, Scrumptious Shakes, Soul-Soothing Soups, Satisfying Salads, and Sensational Snacks — that keep you feeling full while flushing away toxins. Best of all, a health coach will guide you through the process!

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