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It seems like every month a celebrity is releasing a “new and improved” detox program, but these often turn out to be slapdash fads built on questionable nutritional principles (learn about the science behind detoxing). We cut through the throwaway diets to present the Top 4 Detox Diets based on analyses of popularity, health risks and benefits, price, support and sustainability. Do you need to detox? Take our quiz!

4. Juice Fasting. Generic juice fasts have been a cornerstone of the health enthusiast’s toolbox for decades; people have been fasting in one form or another for thousands of years (often for religious reasons), and periodic fasts have been shown to have notable health benefits from weight loss to longevity. A 10-day juice fast is fairly standard and involves consuming only ultra-fresh fruit juices (as in, you make the juice yourself). Various health coaches and groups offer customized versions of the juice fast, but considering the simplicity of the prescribed diet, they’re not entirely necessary (Dr. LJ’s two favorite juicing recipes are Green Fairy Lemonade and Blood-Building Tonic). Abstaining from solids can prove too difficult for many due to the inevitable hunger, which is why juice fasting slides in at spot four on our list.

3. Master Cleanse. A time-honored favorite, this modified juice fast fell to third place due to its disputed safety record. Users exclusively consume special teas or lemonades made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper over a 16-day period (which some may find too lengthy considering the intense diet). Although its extreme nutritional deprivation results in short term weight loss, it is not sustainable for the long term, which comes with nasty side effects like muscular atrophy. Nevertheless, the Master Cleanse boasts thousands of ardent followers who swear by its ability to flush out toxins.

2. Clean Detox. Designed by a cardiologist and endorsed by Dr. Oz, Dr. Junger’s program features more reasonable eating habits compared to our previous entrants, but its staggering $400 fee keeps it from taking the number one spot. Clean Detox is one of the longer plans rolling in at a recommended 21-30 days, but users will find its regimen gentler as they can eat shakes for breakfast, snacks, and “hearty” meals for lunch and dinner to stave off hunger. The fee includes its special supplement and shake powders, but this also means that you’ll need to shell out more green every time you’d like to repeat the cleanse, sacrificing the convenience and affordability of an otherwise promising program. Furthermore, researchers recommend that you obtain your nutrients from whole foods, not supplements.

1. The S Cleanse: The Simple System to Supercharge Your Life. A next-generation detox program, S Cleanse was created by a therapist and raw foods expert in order to address the shortage of sustainable and affordable detox programs. For just $2.99, users get access to a complete detox solution including guidelines, planners, recipes, and so much more. The best feature of S Cleanse is that users can enjoy three filling meals and two snacks every day of the 4-, 7-, or 21-day detox period (your choice)–all made with simple ingredients, so that users can repeat the program whenever they want.

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