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July 11th to July 31st

You know when you are having a hard time breaking a pattern of less-than-perfect eating? Or when your best intentions are taking a nosedive?  Well, the best way to handle this, from my experience, is to commit to a 2-3 week time frame where you set boundaries about what you eat and make yourself accountable, to stay strong.

Frankly, I need to get back on track and it’s more fun if we do it together.

So, starting Monday, July 11th we are going to try to eat as much raw or living food in any given day.  For 21 days.  Food that is unadulterated or processed.  Mainly not cooked, or at a very low temperature.

Wonderful Salads.

Our savory salad dressings taste great and last for days, making sure you never go without!

Lip-smacking pates made from nuts and seeds that will help you feel full and satiated.

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Sensational snacks and desserts that will make you wonder why you don’t eat like this more often.

One of the amazing snacks you get to have on the S Cleanse!

I will share recipes, tips, techniques and even motivation.  We have a Facebook Event Page here and you are welcome to invite every one of your friends!  We can share photos, recipes and get answers to those burning questions that inevitably arise when one is making a leap into a new lifestyle.

There’s no raw police!  I used to feel like someone was watching over my shoulder when I first went raw in 2009.  Very much disliking judgment and having the ability to see all the “gray areas” you will get loads of information and inspiration.

You don’t have to eat only raw foods!

I’m personally shooting for about 80-90% raw per day and will probably add in some cooked quinoa, buckwheat, baked sweet potato or roasted veggies for variance in temperature. taste and texture.  I will even be sharing lots of my favorite (and clever!) Cravings Conquerors.

Even staying away from processed foods for 3 weeks helps your body detox.

A couple of years ago we sponsored a detox based on Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean – here is a great reference list of things you should avoid if you want to give your body a healthy kickstart and allow for gentle detoxification.  Things like sugar, dairy, eggs, soy, etc. The items you will find on this list are most likely to cause inflammation or tend to be acidic.  It’s probably best to avoid caffeine, so if herbal tea won’t cut it, try green tea or a matcha-coconut latte or smoothie.

You don’t have to be vegan, you don’t have to be all raw, you don’t have to do any ore than what you feel prepared to do — day by day.   

Interested yet?  Maybe this will motivate you:  When I went raw in 2009 within only 3 WEEKS, I was completely symptom free from a debilitating auto-immune disorder, plus 13 lbs. lighter.

Join us here.  I’ll be posting updates every few days so check back.  This will be fun, mildly challenging and delicious.  It could make a huge difference in how you look and feel.   We will start Monday morning, July 11th, 2016 and finish Sunday, July 31st.

We now have a private Facebook Group to track the Challenge. Feel free to request to join and I will add you.

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