What Does One Eat in the Raw Food Lifestyle?



As we prepare to start our 21 Day Raw Food Challenge on Monday, July 11th, you may be wondering: So what can I eat?  Today’s blog will address those concerns.  We already have over 100 people marked as “Going” or “Interested” on our Facebook Event Page.  I know that we have many others who are not on Facebook as they’ve sent emails – so it’s great to be doing this as a large group so that we can provide ongoing support.  Several of our coaches and candidates from the Natural Wellness Academy will be helping and responding to the the questions on the forum.

Someone who follows a Raw, Vegan Lifestyle would mainly consume the following:

Leafy greens of all types (with the exception of iceberg lettuce, which doesn’t have many nutrients)
Uncooked Fruits and Vegetables
Dried Fruits (in small amounts as they are high in sugar – they stave hunger and are great dessert base)
Seaweeds and Sea Vegetables
Nuts and Seeds (avoid if you are allergic!)
Sprouted grains and legumes (in small amounts)
Plant-based oils

You will be amazed by the creations you can make with the above in delightful combinations! 

We will be sharing lots of recipes and ideas for combining the foods in the above list in very enticing ways.  It doesn’t have to be boring or depriving…

Because we are in the midst of summer in the northern hemisphere, there are so many wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables available right now.  Aim for organic or homegrown as much as possible, but just do the best you can in sourcing your supply for the Challenge.

Why Raw or Uncooked?

Food that has been cooked at temperatures exceeding around 115 degrees F lose most of their nutritional value and enzymes.  Eating foods primarily cooked at high temperatures creates a digestive burden for the body and may be linked to inflammation.  I highly recommend that you read this article I wrote “Food Facsimile” to understand this – particularly the metaphor on the building blocks.  Just giving your body a break for 21 Days can make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Here is a “Raw Food Pyramid” image that illustrates the above list:

from rawfoodenergybenefits.com
From rawfoodenergybenefits.com


Remember that you can follow at any pace that feels right to you! So, if you are going shopping this weekend, stock up on the items listed above.

Sunday I will be posting a blog on enticing options for Breakfast on the 21 Day Challenge.

We now have a private Facebook Group to track the Challenge. Feel free to request to join and I will add you.

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