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Raw or Raw Fusion – Vegan, Gluten-Free + Morning Routine Idea

We just started another 21 Day Raw Foods Challenge with a group of 120 people on Facebook.  We host these periodically and it’s free to join, just request at this link.

I have to admit that my biggest challenge to staying high raw is a craving for (gluten-free) toast with grass-fed butter in the morning — and a nice cup of tea with almond milk.  Toast definitely is a source of undesirable acrylamides and AGE’s (Advanced Glyoxidation End-Products), especially if you eat it kind of burnt and brown.  Therefore,  it’s always nice for me to do a reset when I have a group to stay accountable to, and I know that those following the 21 Day Challenge enjoy the information and the sharing.

Here is a version of this cereal blended with nut milk to make it smoother.

It’s very simple to make a raw cereal or porridge – all you need are the steel-cut oats (which are gluten-free as opposed to the rolled oat variety.)  Soak them overnight in either homemade nut milk or for Raw Fusion buy almond or hempseed milk that has no carrageenan (I like the Whole Foods unsweetened brand.)   Then in the morning you can add whatever seeds, fruit or berries you enjoy with some more milk.   Sweeten with honey, coconut syrup, maple syrup, stevia or monkfruit powder.  I also add cinnamon and cardamon — 2 of my favorite spices.

The biggest surprise was how much my husband liked this! We like a lot of texture in our foods in our family, so I added what are called buckinis.  Buckwheat is a fabulous alternative to grain.  Even though it has a grain “finish” and satisfies like rice or spelt, it is a seed.  Actually part of the rhubarb family.  Also a decent source of protein and great micronutrients.  I did a whole blog about buckwheat, both sweet and savory and how to sprout here.

Bukinis are lightly sprouted buckwheat kernels that have been dried (either dehydrated or toasted in a low temp oven on parchment paper, which keeps them from burning or losing all their nutrients.)  I also use them to make these absolutely addictive Carob Crispy Treats.  Since my husband is a big maple syrup fan I am thinking of soaking them in the syrup with a little cinnamon and vanilla before dehydrating them to make the “cereal” more interesting for him.

Another option for this cereal is to run the soaked steel cut oats with some milk in a blender and smooth it out as it can become a bit chewy (I like that texture and find that it fills me up longer.)   See the photo above.

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