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There are many science-based health benefits to adding lemons to your meals and just about every functional/integrative medicine doctor or holistic practitioner recommend drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.¬† Although our first instinct is to grab that coffee, tea or orange juice –those are very acidic (low pH) and hard on an empty stomach.¬† Instead, breaking your nighttime fast with some lemon-infused warmth is soothing, cleansing and healing to the bloodstream and organs.¬†¬† Then no guilt about having you coffee or tea afterwards!

Have to admit, I do not find warm lemon water to be appealing and this was not an easy habit to create.¬† The sour, bitter and acidic mouth feel (and although lemon juice starts as an acid, it actually converts to alkaline “ash” in your bloodstream and is a higher pH food.)

Most experts recommend that you squeeze a half lemon in your warm-to-hot water.¬† Organic lemons are not cheap, and this way you would need to buy at least 3 a week just for this morning beverage.¬† And I do think it’s important that they be organic as conventional lemons absorb pesticides and toxins from the groundwater and that’s not what you want to introduce into your clean system.

I have found a much easier, tastier and more economical way to create this healthy daily habit!

Watch this clip from a Health & Beauty Tips summit where I explain my method – it’s cued up to start there – but it’s from about 14:40 to 17:00 min.

And…because you are using shaved pieces of fruit, pith and rind, there is much less impact on the tooth enamel! If you are still concerned about the enamel, sip the warm lemon water through a straw.

By using the frozen full fruit you also get the extraordinary benefits of the peel where the essential oils are located, as well as the pith, which also has great nutrients.  That said, I do NOT recommend using essential oil lemon drops in your water, unless they are completely organic and from a reliable source.

A  Higher Octave of Nutrition РMultitude of Benefits Include:

Assists in Digestion * Promotes Weight Loss * Antiviral & Antibacterial Properties *

Vitamin C * Releases Toxins * Potassium/Magnesium Help Brain & Nerve Cells *

Breaks down oxylates that cause kidney stones * Freshens Breath, Cleans Gut  etc.

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How to Make Magical Lemon Dust Infused Water

  1.  Wash the lemon well (one will last 4-6 weeks) because many people have touched the peel.
  2. Pat dry and place in a freezer-safe container.
  3. While your water is boiling (I have an electric kettle) and using a microplane or a grater, grate zest (peel), pith and frozen fruit over a coffee mug.  I do 35 passes.
  4. First add a little room temperature filtered water.  This protects the essential oils which could be damaged by boiling water.
  5. Top off with the boiling water.  It should be warm but not uncomfortably hot.
  6. Drink while you are getting ready i.e. doing your hair, getting kids ready etc.
  7. Feel really proud of yourself for doing something magnificent for your skin and body.

And so now I have achieved the daily habit of drinking lemon water.¬† In fact, now I’ve added ginger, which is a great inflammation-buster (and many other benefits!) — fresh ginger freezes beautifully, as well.¬† Sometimes I add turmeric.¬† Note:¬† I do toss the last 1/2 inch or so that has the “sludge” of the rind and pith as I don’t find that texture appealing.¬† You don’t need to drink that!

Other uses for Magical Lemon Dust:

You are not limited to just using this for your morning lemon water.¬† Grate over any dish that can benefit from a subtle boost of flavor, like over the steamed broccolini¬† in photo above.¬† Kids don’t seem to mind this as it doesn’t have the sour impact of fresh lemon juice.¬† Grate over cookies or cakes either before or after baking.¬† Even top your salad with Magical Lemon Dust.

Let me know what you think.

P.S. “Magical Lemon Dust” seemed like an ideal name for this article as in 2000 I created an aromatherapy-based and natural product line for kids called “Fairy Line”¬†¬† The very first product we created was “Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams” a talc-free linen and body powder infused with essential oils and sparkling mineral mica –designed to help children (and adults!) sleep better and help them overcome nighttime fears.¬† We no longer retail the line but we still receive emails from (no grown up) kids that remember how magical the experience was for them.

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