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Golden Milk Alternative

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Golden Milk Alternative
Asian-Inspired Golden Milk or Mylk

Yes, I know – Golden Milk is so “2017”.  And while I have periodically gone through short spurts of drinking turmeric lattes, can’t say that I’m awed by the flavor. In other words, not something I crave.

Wound up having an emergency root canal the other morning and the endodontist must have felt there was enough infection and inflammation to warrant prescribing an antibiotic and a steroid.  I took a couple from the “Prednisone Pack” in the first part of the day and somehow came out of my pain haze and realized “There is no way I’m going to take Prednisone!”

So I immediately jumped into action, gathering all of my known more holistic antibiotic, anti-inflammatory agents, like high grade CBD oil, echinacea, oil of oregano and colloidal silver.  I pulled together ingredients that would make an immune-boosting latte because I wanted something warm and comforting — manuka honey, dried chaga mushrooms, high quality turmeric powder, organic almond milk — along with my favorite spices.  But I wanted to see if I could make it yummier…

And then I thought about a bag of black sesame seed powder I had in the fridge.

Black sesame seeds, are prized in the Far East for their excellent taste and nutritional profile.   a good source of fiber and B vitamins, have more than a dozen health-benefiting features, including reducing blood pressure, inflammation, cholesterol and triglycerides.  You will find them (possibly cheaper) at Asian food stores and this very brand I bought locally is available on Amazon for under $10.00.  This bag will last you a long time, but keep it well stored for freshness — preferably in an airtight container or the fridge.  I find white sesame seeds quite delectable and was “turned on” to the black ones during my years working in Japan and other Asian countries.  These have an earthier flavor — very umami.  I have also used the powdered version as a dessert base, and even as a grain-free “breading” for veggies and shrimp.

This is a very open-ended recipe – you don’t need to rush out to buy every ingredient (if you do have access to Costco, you can get all you see in the photo, except the black sesame powder and chaga mushrooms.  Chaga is considered a “medicinal mushroom”.  I buy them dried at a local organic street market and they last forever.  I just grate some over a microplane to add more nutrition and inflammation-conquering goodness.  You can find chaga (and other medicinal mushroom) powder at health food stores and online.

Manuka honey, for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, is an excellent “occasional” sweetener, but if you are vigilantly cutting back on carbs or need lower glycemic options, replace with either coconut nectar, monkfruit (Lakanto) or stevia.

Asian Twist Golden Latte 

Makes 1 – 12 oz. serving (medium sized coffee mug)

10 oz. organic almond milk or dairy milk
2 oz. water, heated to boiling
1 heaping teaspoon turmeric powder
1 heaping teaspoon black sesame powder
1 TB. manuka honey (or adjust to taste)
Generous sprinkle of chaga mushroom powder
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. cardamon
Sprinkle of star anise or break into tiny pieces

Directions:  Place all of the ingredients in the coffee mug, starting with the turmeric, while heating the water and milk separately. We use an electric kettle for the water and steamer for the milk.  When the water is hot, pour it over the ingredients and stir into a paste.  Then pour the heated or steamed milk over and stir gently.  Sprinkle a little cinnamon or chaga on top and bliss out.

Other optional ingredients:  a capful of MCT oil for healthy brain-boosting fat, teaspoon of Fiber (we prefer the acacia-based, which dissolves instantly and completely!) because we can always use more fiber.  Experiment and please share your additions!

Why not fill a jar with several batches?  This will make it super easy to enjoy your Golden Sesame milk anywhere, anytime – all you need is hot water.  I am making these up in pretty glass jars. for birthday and holiday gifts this year.

Just add a couple of tablespoons to an inch or two of hot water, mix well and pour in the steamed milk.

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