Cannabis Vaping Concerns for Cannabis Educators, Coaches and Consultants

News of vaping-related illness and death have raised concerns about cannabis vaping safety.  Right now, there are more questions than answers.

Here are links to insightful news stories re the subject.   We will summarize below these links:

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Personally, the most sage advice comes from Natural Wellness Academy Resident Expert/Mentor Kristina Risola—one of the world’s first and foremost Medical Cannabis Coaches.

Things to Consider as a Florida Cannabis Patient Amid Current Vaping Concerns

Kristina Risola: Cannabis Health Coach

As you can see, there are multiple theories on the specific outbreak cause.  Keep checking back to this page as we will post new stories as developments warrant.

In the meantime, here are some immediate recommendations until more is known.

Use ONLY lab-tested cannabis vape cartridges purchased through a reputable, licensed dispensaries.  Do not use black market or street cartridges, especially any products labeled “Dank Vapes” or “Chronic Carts.”

Dank Vapes and Chronic are empty cartridge brands sold that “home brewers” can fill with their own concoction of THC plus who knows what.  They look legitimate with proper packaging and are often sold on the street as coming from a legal California or Colorado dispensary.  Not true.  Stay away.

Do NOT use any product with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).  Both cutting agents can produce cancer-causing carbonyl compounds and formaldehyde when heated.

Even cartridges sold through dispensaries can have less than desirable ingredients.  Most of Florida Trulieve’s cartridges are cut with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil.  While non-carcinogenic and far preferable to PG or VG, inhaling heated MCT Oil can coat the lungs and suppress optimal oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange when breathing, potentially leading to lipid pneumonia.  Fortunately, lipid pneumonia is typically treatable and usually temporary.

Urge your patients to ask their cannabis purveyors about lab tests, cutting agents, cartridge quality and any other issues about their medicine.  And be prepared to help your clients get those answers

Vaporizing Cannabis extract is a relatively new phenomenon, with virtually no long-term health studies.  At the moment, the CDC is reporting 385 e-cig or THC vape-related illness.

On the other hand, literally thousands of patients are taking their medicine via vaporizer with no ill effects…yet.

The current situation should lead to more research, more open dialogue and ultimately, safer conditions.  In the meantime, each individual patient, and you, must decide what’s right for them.

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