Cannabis Coaching: Filling a Gap in Care

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By Juliane Nowe, Certified Health, Life and Cannabis Coach, Senior NWA Mentor

The term Cannabis Coaching continues to become more well-known as the cannabis industry advances and people are looking for answers to their questions on cannabis.  I reached out to two fellow Cannabis Coaches, Brittany Chaffee, founder of Balance in Buds and to Katrina Evelyn, founder of “The Cannabis Coach” to gain some clarity on Cannabis Coaching.

The first question most people have is, “What is a cannabis coach?”.

According to Katrina, “cannabis coaching is a service for those who are open-minded and interested in how the cannabis plant can improve their lives, but they aren’t sure where to start or what to do.”  Katrina adds that anyone with high blood pressure or heart conditions should always consult their doctor when adding cannabis to their lifestyle.

Brittany shared that “coaching is an opportunity to “re-educate” clients on cannabis and how to properly use cannabis when it comes to dosage, strains, symptoms, and how to best understand the endocannabinoid system.”

“Women are less likely to go into a dispensary asking for recommendations, especially seniors or women who have never tried cannabis or tried it with poor results”, continues Chaffee. “Having a Cannabis Coach is the “short-cut” and saves you time, frustration, lots of trial and error and the potential of giving up.”

As a Cannabis coach myself, I concur:  From what I’ve found in my own practice,  the majority of my clients are female and they are way more nervous to enter a legal space to buy cannabis — but by the same token, they are the first to speak up and know about their health. Women believe in putting their wellness first.

Cannabis eases anxiety, chronic pain, symptoms of PMS, hormone changes and more. Both coaches agree that with the right education, women and seniors can take the mentoring they receive from their coaches and use it to become their own greatest advocates. Women become role models and learn to lead by example, ultimately breaking down the stigma. Katrina adds that anyone with high blood pressure or heart conditions should always consult their doctor when adding cannabis to their lifestyle.

When a coach meets with a client for the first time, in our cannabis education training we stress the importance of gathering as much information from a client as possible.  For instance, a work history, family data, lifestyle etc.  Giving them an overview of how the endocannabinoid system works is crucial to their understanding of how cannabis works in the body.  I also find it very relevant to know what motivated them to reach out to learn more about cannabis.

Another vital aspect of cannabis coaching/educating/consulting is discussing different consumption and delivery methods.  Finding the right delivery system and dosage can entail some experimentation.  Working with a trained and certified cannabis coach you can expect a mellow environment and open conversation. Coaches generally offer options for single sessions, packages or a 12-week supervised period.   I enjoy combining my health and life coaching with the cannabis coaching.  Through my NWA training, I have learned to see the person as a whole and take their whole lifestyle into consideration as they progress on their wellness journey,

Often, medical marijuana patients are left to figure things out on their own after being prescribed or when legal cannabis becomes available in your state.  A cannabis coach fills the gap in care and allows one to become their own greatest advocate.


Juliane Nowe

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