Becoming a Meditation Teacher & Manifesting My Hidden Gift

By Sherry Asuncion

Between battling an autoimmune thyroid disease since 2013 and maneuvering my way through a traumatic divorce in 2017, these difficult life transitions guided me on  a spiritual journey, which began last year.  Before I even considered “meditation”, I actually reached for every other healing path else I could think of first;  Because, like many others, I had this vision of meditation meaning that you sat for long periods of time in silence, like Buddha in a temple, which intimidated me and kept me from starting my own practice.  Eventually –because I felt so desperate and as if I was drowning in my uncontrollable thoughts — I finally gave it a shot

The first time I meditated, I set my timer for 5 minutes and lasted about 30 seconds, already thinking of what I was going to cook for dinner and what was on my grocery list.  Yet I persisted and kept trying.  I realized that being in my own stillness was very difficult.  I didn’t know how to be by myself, in silence, let alone, faced with my own thoughts.  With persistence and lots of trial and error, I finally developed a consistent practice.

In my ongoing meditation practice, I came experienced many “ah-ha” moments, had quite a few epiphanies, some beautiful, some blissful, some filled with traumatic emotions coming out of nowhere.  It wasn’t always pretty, but it is where I eventually discovered self-love and the importance of self-care by strengthening my ability to quiet my mind and be in the present moment.  It became such a beautiful unfolding of myself,  developing a deep appreciation for myself, for others and for life itself.     Somehow, some way — because my view on myself and life shifted, so did the experiences and type of energy that I was attracting.

By chance, I learned that a friend of mine got hired as a Meditation Instructor at a studio and something inside of me lit up.  What a joyful opportunity for her!    I wondered if the studio was hiring for other positions so I visited their social media accounts and discovered that they were looking for a part-time receptionist and contacted the owner, meeting him for an interview a few days later.    It was a pleasant interview, where we shared our stories with each other.  I was astounded when he told me that if I wanted to work there as the Office Manager, I also had to be a Meditation Instructor,  because he found my journey so inspiring!


      Despite always considering myself to be an introvert, with an aversion to public speaking, especially all I had been through in the past 5 years, I recognized that it was time to seize all opportunities that resonated with inner Self.  I saw this as a gift being presented to me and allowed the idea of being a Meditation Instructor to truly sink in.  I realized that because of the pain I had experienced in my own healing journey, and the tools I had discovered and developed,  and using the tool, I had the ability to share this with others, and perhaps assist them in their own healing process.

Something I found very comforting was writing the meditation scripts, which I constantly edited, and read out loud.  I practiced delivery them out load, even recording them to so that I could personally experience how they might impact the people attending my future classes.  Once I actually got up on that stage and started leading my meditations, it all became crystal clear to me.  This was my purpose; my calling.  I wanted people to see me up on that stage and realize that I was no more special than the next person.  I experience pain and suffering just like anyone else.   I wanted to connect with my audience, to allow them to feel vulnerable enough, to start their healing process.  It was life-changing to find that my guided meditations allowed people to feel open enough to release their tears, their pent-up emotions buried deep inside of them.  Facilitating these meditative healing experiences has been the most fulfilling feeling I had ever experienced!

Meditation has brought me to a higher level of peace and love within myself and now has become a vital part of my daily routine.  It relaxes me, brings me answers and clarity, relieves me of stress and improves my overall well health and well-being.  Something that once intimidated me has now become something that I highly recommend to everyone, non-spiritual or spiritual, because the benefits are amazing!  This is my gift to share with the world!

Sherry Asuncion is a graduate of NWA in Holistic Health, Mind-Gut, Essential Hypnotherapy Skills and CBD/Cannabis Coaching.  She is the co-creator of the Spiritual Wellness program and lead mentor.


If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a Meditation Instructor and a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner, check out our Dual Certification program offered through Natural Wellness Academy.  This course will help you embark on your own spiritual transformational journey and help you help others!


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