Your Gut Plays a Huge Role in Weight Loss

By Laurie Abele – NWA grad, mentor and co-creator of the new Mind-Gut-Guru coaching certification program

You have been incorporating exercise more than ever; You are meal planning, even taking your cute little containers to work for lunch; Monitoring your water intake – maybe even counting calorie intake but the scale just WON’T budge.  Sound familiar?  What gives? There is actually a very large piece of the weight loss puzzle that people tend to overlook or simply not know about. That very large piece is called your gut.

You may have learned recently about the importance of gut health and how it is linked to many ailments, disorders and illnesses –but did you know that an imbalanced gut could be sabotaging your weight loss goals?

The trillions of bacteria that live and thrive in your gut carry out several bodily functions to keep you healthy. This is called your microbiome.  In fact, we possess more bacterial cells than human cells! A vital function of the bacteria in your body is to aide in food digestion, producing  chemicals that make you feel full.

When your gut bacteria meet up with the food you eat, they affect nutrient absorption and how the body utilizes those nutrients. From dietary fiber to fat, your gut bacteria influences how things get stored in the body.

In addition, gut health plays a big role in inflammation, which, in turn, can cause weight gain.  The stronger your gut barrier, the more protection it gives you against chemicals and unwanted particles from entering the bloodstream and causing inflammation. Did you realize that your body can even produce fat cells to protect your organs from inflammation?  Inflammation – we all have it to some degree – is the harbinger of serious medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


We can start to see WHY the gut impacts weight loss or weight gain, but HOW does one address this if they feel like their gut needs a tune up?

Most people do extremely well with supplementation of a good probiotic, dietary changes, stress reduction practices, and more.  There are also some lifestyle practices you can try to avoid on your gut journey so that you aren’t damaging it while trying to heal it.  One example of this would be avoiding taking antibiotics whenever possible (you can replace with natural antibiotics, like Colloidal Silver, or Oil of Oregano). Antibiotics are a major threat for the beneficial bacteria living in your gut!  However, every body is different.    My best advice is to get with a health coach that can really sit down with you and get the whole picture of what might be going on.  They can steer you on a successful path for your weight loss and other health goals.  I guarantee that you will notice more than just pounds or inches lost after taking care of your gut.

CASE STUDY:  One of my favorite examples of this is from a client of mine.  Karen was approaching menopause, and she was doing all the right things.  Well,  she thought she was: Exercising 5-6 days a week, eating a clean diet and her stress was managed.  She just could not lose a pound.  She felt bloated all the time, and she was a restless sleeper.  Enter gut health.  She started changing up some of her diet, choosing less inflammatory foods.  She started taking gut-supportive supplements, increased her water intake and continued with her exercise.  Within a few weeks, she started to see the scale move again.  Her clothes started to fit differently and she was sleeping like a rock. Her bloat was gone and she was a happy camper now sold on the concept of gut health.

The gut is at the root of it all.  Treat the inside, and the outside will follow.

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Groundbreaking new studies in the Mind-Gut Connection make this field of specialization invaluable for holistic wellness practitioners. The Microbiome aka gut bacteria outnumber the human body’s cells 10 to 1The brain, the gut and the trillions of microorganisms living in the gut communicate with each other. Obesity, low immune response, mood disorders and skin conditions can all be linked to the relationship between the mind and the gut. In this program, you will learn the biology of the intestinal system, how to balance the gut through food and lifestyle, how to boost immunity in prevention of serious diseases, generate a happier mindset, and reduce fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, and depression.



Laurie Abele – NWA grad, Mind-Gut Guru Mentor and Co-Creator

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