Careers in Nature Therapy: 10 Ways Nature Therapy Guides can Earn a Living

As discussed in previous posts, nature therapy has benefits for participants as well as the environment. However, in addition to the reward of helping people reconnect with nature, nature therapy services can also help guides to earn income and support themselves financially.

To that end, nature therapy can be successfully offered as a standalone service, but it also integrates nicely with careers geared toward aiding overall wellbeing, including holistic health paraprofessionals (such as health coaches, yoga instructors, mindfulness coaches, and spiritual advisors) and licensed healthcare and mental health professionals (such as nurses and psychotherapists). 

Several common ways nature therapy guides can earn a living are listed below.

  1. Most frequently, nature therapy guides host nature walks or meditations, typically thirty minutes to three hours in length, and may opt to charge a fee commensurate with length, materials supplied, and demand (usually between $10 and $50 per person for group walks, more for a private walk).
  2. Some guides offer multi-day nature-based retreats, charging accordingly higher fees (ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the retreat).
  3. Others work with local businesses, parks, and wellness centers to provide nature-based experiences to employees, visitors, and patients, which may involve per-person fees or billing the facility a flat charge.
  4. Guides can work with clinicians hand-in-hand to help clients achieve clinician-recommended goals using nature-based activities.
  5. Guides may teach nature therapy classes for continuing education or personal enrichment at local community colleges, museums, parks, wellness centers, or educational institutions.
  6. Another option is to consult with clients and businesses on incorporating more nature into their homes and premises, for example by implementing gardens, nature-friendly landscaping, bird feeders, indoor plants, and nature artwork.
  7. Guides sometimes publish and sell books or develop other creative materials, including social media channels, based on their unique approach to nature therapy, covering things such as their philosophy and activities.
  8. Guides can offer nature-based spirituality services, such as at religious and healing institutions.
  9. Guides may further specialize in environmental education and related fields, for example, offering nature-based play and learning experiences to parents, schools, parks, and other groups.
  10. Guides may lead green exercise sessions, such as yoga in the forest.

Many other possibilities exist depending on the guide’s interests, experience, education, and specializations. Many guides choose to give back by offering occasional gratis services to environmental nonprofits, underserved groups, or by donating a portion of proceeds to worthwhile causes.

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