Why all Coaches Need Training in Mind Dynamics


Coaching continues to be one of the fastest growing professions, not only in the US, but evidently in many parts of the world since we have students enrolled from 21 countries.  Corporations use coaches; Insurance companies contract with coaches; Sports teams utilize coaches…Quite honestly, every one of us would perform more effectively with some coaching!

Whether you specialize in health, life, business, sports, spiritual counseling or any of the multiple fields where coaches are employed, understanding how the mind works — and how to make new and improved habits stick,  is going to give you a leading edge as you take your clients to a much higher octave of performance and productivity.

We proudly introduce Mind Dynamics Life Coach, which is a dual certification with Essential Hypnotherapy Skills. The goal of this dual training is for the coach to instill positive-life affirming habits, break life-depleting ones, help clients control stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and improve lifestyle skills (weight loss, smoking, etc.) 

Change Your Habits.  Change Your Life.

Habits are learned behaviors that become more deeply rooted through repetition and programming.  Everything that we feel, think and do is a habit.  The feelings we have consistently are habitual, as are thoughts.  (Ever try to get your mind to stop obsessing over something, maybe for years?)

It is unrealistic to think that we have the power to change someone unless a) they are willing to change and b) they are able to get to the root behavior, through accessing the subconscious mind.   The Mind Dynamics Life Coach and Essential Hypnotherapy Skills training will empower you with this knowledge.

A Program that Sets Us Apart

There is a Mind Dynamics module in just about every one of our cutting-edge certification programs in keeping with our philosophy that holism comes from incorporating Mind, Body & Spirit.  Mind is where my own journey as a healer began, when I made the quantum leap from training in a more traditional psychotherapeutic approach to studying the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy and Jungian psychoanalysis.  As an international trainer, I facilitated certification in hypnotherapy and mind dynamics in many countries and cultures.

Body is where I migrated when after years of grueling world travel, I developed an auto-immune disorder. Being incapacitated for some time galvanized me to learn about how food was impacting my health as well as other supportive lifestyle adaptations.

When we founded the Natural Wellness Academy in early 2013, my goal was to give holistic health coaches the superior advantage of being able to help their clients actually incorporate more lasting lifestyle habits, choices and behaviors by incorporating Mind Dynamics into the curriculum.


The Mind’s Eye

The new Mind Dynamics Life Coach carries an extra training and certification in basic hypnotherapy skills (Essential Hypnotherapy Skills) Having the ability to use hypnosis to help your clients control stress, conquer fears, boost their confidence and overcome negative habits will be a boon to your practice as more and more people are tuning into the need to access more of their mind’s potential.

Blended Curricula Help You Cast a Wider Net for Clients

Many of our coaching candidates are doing blended or hybrid curricula; in fact, a study done by our Board showed that 70% of NWA grads have gone on to take another program with us.  These are always offered at discounted prices.

For example, we have many Holistic Health & Life Coaching students who added the Essential Hypnotherapy Skills, recognizing that this would give their practice a “leg up.”  Here is a testimonial from Janett Nathal in Mexico City – she was part of our first graduating group from Mexico last year.

Describing the Mind Dynamics module and Essential Hypnotherapy Skills:

This program really represented a “before and after” in my life.  I got so many tools to apply to own life – and to help other people in my coaching sessions.  I had always wondered about how much more we could accomplish by learning about the mind and now I’m totally convinced that hypnosis is a gigantic tool to help our clients achieve their healthy eating and lifestyle goals – really everything they want!  The mind can truly be our ally if we learn her language, and that is what hypnosis has taught me.   – Janett Nathal “BHealthy by Jane”

To learn more about this program, see the description here.  To set up a meet and greet call to discuss this, or any other of our exciting certifications send me an email to support@naturalwellnessacademy.org or send an inquiry through the site. 

This dual certification is currently being offered at an introductory tuition of only $1995, which includes all materials on our online platform, books, one-one-one mentoring and an interactive virtual campus experience with webinars, mastermind meetings and groups.

About the Academy

Founded in 2013, the Natural Wellness Academy provides personal mentorship to nurture students into knowledgeable, marketable coaches and guides who improve people’s holistic health outcomes. Explore our expert-led, professional certifications in various wellness specialities to lauch a rewarding career or to augment your existing practice.

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