Academy Faculty Member Kristina Risola featured in Reader’s Digest for Cannabis Expertise

Kristina Risola, lead faculty for our Cannabis Coaching Program, recently brought the Natural Wellness Academy into the pages of Reader’s Digest, where she lent lent her expertise on just a few of the topics covered in the Academy’s certification, such as vetting manufacturing processes and the benefits of using full-spectrum CBD. You can read the full article here.

As quoted in Reader’s Digest, Kristina explains, “Commercial extraction processes often destroy the other medicinal compounds in the plant, like terpenes, leaving a CBD isolate behind. Medicinally this is not the same as a full spectrum or whole plant extract. We need far larger amounts of isolated CBD, than when using products that include the full spectrum of medicinal compounds to achieve the same effects.”

The Academy is proud to have Kristina, a nationally-recognized expert in cannabis coaching, helming our certification program, which continues to be an industry leader. Way to go, Kristina! If you want a chance to be mentored by Kristina as you learn and launch your cannabis career, click here to learn more about our cutting-edge certification!


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