New Course Launching January 2021: Sacred Journey Facilitator

Self-Discovery through Earth Medicine

Humans have benefitted from our plant, fungi and animal friends’ healing properties for as long as we have inhabited the Earth. Since the time of our most ancient Earthly ancestors, ailments of the mind, body and spirit have been eased through the use of these sacred tools.

In this exciting new Sacred Journey Facilitator Course, you will learn how to apply ancient wisdom and modern techniques to tap into your unique “medicine” and guide others on journeys of renewal and self- discovery.  In fact, your own transformational journey will form the template for how you will work with others.  For specific information on this course, including curriculum and introductory pricing, visit this page.

Course Mentor and Co-Creator Lindsey Webb‘s inspiring story:

The Only Way Out is Through

A generous handful of years ago, I found myself trapped.

Trapped inside the gilded cage of a secretly abusive marriage, my mind was shutting down and my body was turning on me. I was physically dependent on prescription narcotics for a severe back injury sustained during my younger child’s birth. It had become apparent that the man who painstakingly convinced me and everyone around me, that he was the Prince Charming we had all been hoping for, was actually a covert narcissist. In constant, excruciating pain that ruled over me, I was empty, confused, and weak on every level.

The flame that was my will to live was dangerously close to being extinguished. I prayed over and over for a way out, crying on the floor of my walk-in closet. It’s a special kind of hell to have a life that appears to be perfect, yet has darkened your very soul, bringing you to the verge of death.

Thankfully, my prayers did not go unheard. Sweet sister Cannabis came to give me gracious relief and to lead me back onto my path as a medicine woman. This existential crisis of the spirit that required me to rebuild myself from the ground up, is often called a Dark Night of the Soul.

I began to make coconut oil infused with cannabis as a way to wean myself off of the narcotics. One snowy day, the oil turned out stronger than usual. I found myself in a state of consciousness that I had never experienced before. I played a specific song that popped into my head and allowed myself to listen to the energetic signature of the music rather than the words and instruments as I usually did.

I began to have a sort of immersive experience of both clairsentient and claircognizant origins. Unlike clairvoyance where you see the information in the form of a vision, this was what I call an energetic impression-a combination of feeling and knowing, sometimes accompanied by smells or other sensory information.

I was transported into the future. To a forest that resembled the Pacific Northwest where I was living at the time. I could feel peace and harmony. I was with “my people” and we were protected from whatever was going on outside of our little bubble. I got the sense that perhaps the outside world was not necessarily living the way we were.

I knew that if I lived my life according to the old ways, raised my children according to my motherly intuition and surrounded myself with others like me in community, the essence of this future would remain as I was being shown.

That was almost six year ago and the purpose for my life has unfolded in line with what was shown to me that day. When we see the future, we are seeing the likely outcome IF things stay a certain way. If they shift, so does the picture of the future. These different paths and outcomes are what we will refer to as timelines.

While cannabis remains one of my most trusted plant allies, it was always my path to work with many sacred Earth Medicines.

In true cosmic fashion, I incarnated into a family that set the stage for me to endure decades of traumas. During the process of recovering from the events of my marriage and decline in health, I discovered I have a genetic variant that causes my body to hold onto toxins. As we now know, trauma is stored in the body and mine was full of it and full of toxins. My organs were not functioning properly and I lost half of my hair. Severe adrenal fatigue, brain fog, physical pain and mental anguish brought me to my knees and to my indescribably beautiful destiny.

In the years following my divorce, I devoted every dime & ounce of energy I could muster, towards my own healing. I recognized that my inability to function was affecting my children and I could not live with that. Looking back, I was working towards breaking these cycles my entire life. As such, my tenacity and devotion were rewarded by Spirit with a challenging, but wide-open, aligned path forward.

The events of recent times may have you asking, “how did we become so disconnected from the roots of our creation?” Perhaps you have become acutely aware that a lifestyle of hustle and bustle, of distraction and distorted connection, is not fulfilling your soul? After all, we are made of the same stardust as one another…as the crystals we so admire…we are made up of the same molecules as the water that glides us along, holding space for us to soften and float within it.

We inherently recognize that we are somehow connected to, and thus interdependent upon, the world around us. Yet, we fear this innocent, boundary-less connection. We run from it and numb ourselves to it. We are wounded. We are weary. We hurt & we suffer.

Thankfully, there is hope…through Earth Medicines we can reclaim our connection with source and bring balance to our minds, bodies and spirits.

This Sacred Journey Facilitator Course is sent from the medicine spirits themselves. I am simply their humble messenger. They want me to teach others how to honor their own innate divinity through self-exploration and reverent relationship with these intelligent substances. They want to assist us with tools for ascension and healing. If we can accomplish that together, we can be a bridge for ourselves to journey inward, to discover the expansiveness of our inner world, our deep and limitless connection to the world around us and through this process, we will learn how to be a bridge for others on their healing journeys.


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