“I didn’t let anything stop me from coming on the nature walk, and that means I have the ability to stop stalling on everything else”

Janice Ford is a Certified Life Transitions Coach and Nature Therapy Guide who empowers women using a nature-based coaching approach to live their best lives by helping them to discover the fiercest version of themselves and reach for their dreams in the areas of business/career, relationships, and financial/wealth management. The following is a short excerpt from her final project. You can find her on Facebook at facebook.com/N2PositivityCoach or through her website at N2Positivity.com.

Meeting at the Patuxent Research Wildlife Refuge, I introduced my participant to meditation and soaking up the sun as a way to enter the hiking trail and leave worries behind. She spotted a frog and noticed the changes from forest to wetland to meadow. We enjoyed an activity that explored how connected we are to all water sources. We explored how to see life and greenery during a period of dormancy and how powerful connecting with trees is.

The participant noted the walk made her think of all of the things she hasn’t experienced in her 50 years of life, and she wasn’t sure what has been stopping her. She observed that she didn’t let anything stop her coming on the nature walk, and pondered how to translate that to not allowing herself to stall on everything else.

© Janice Ford

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