Nature Therapy Activity for Abundance, Fertility and Nourishment: Fields 

A writer and wellness professional, Jo Norton Moore lives near the Pyrenees in a rural part of France, where she has has been running holiday gîtes, writing retreats, and guided walks for the last 15 years. She also leads guided meditations, restorative yoga sessions and past life regressions. She spends most of her time outdoors and, having experienced them firsthand, is passionate about sharing the healing aspects of nature with others. She will soon hold certification as a Nature Therapy Guide and is likewise studying as a Spiritual Wellness Specialist. You can visit her at and, and on Facebook at @OneWomanWalkingJoanneMoore.

Fields’ fertile soils offer opportunities for all forms to thrive, and they remind us to check whether all facets of our lives are being well-nourished.

Themes: abundance, fertility, nourishment, places of silent and gentle growth, balancing life

Mindfulness magnets (what to look out for): crop varieties, rabbits, praying mantis, streams, flowers, colours, animal tracks, trees

Fields have long been seen as abundant places for all living beings. Their fertile and nourishing soils offer opportunities for all forms of vegetation to flourish, enabling both animals and humans to prosper too. Fields are usually fed by streams, brooks or rivers. Shapeshifters and life-supporters in their own right, water sources are an important contributing factor to the abundant fertility of fields.

Many of us gaze across open fields expecting to see verdant pastures (green being the colour associated with growth, healing and abundance), a patchwork quilt of varying crops and associated colours or carpets of multi-coloured meadow flowers (multi-colours often being connected with strong feelings of overwhelming joy and freedom). Other fields left fallow may appear neglected, deserted and forgotten; yet other fields may have been recently tilled and sit quietly waiting, appearing to some as bleak and barren, brown spaces.

Fields remind us to look within ourselves and ask whether all facets of our lives are being well nourished and kept fertile. Are some parts being neglected or left to wither and die and, if so, why? Are some parts of us in full bloom because they have our full attention and are positively encouraged to grow? If so, why? How does it make us feel when we see a barren field: empty and listless or comforted by the rich potential of what’s to come?

Find a patch of bare earth where nothing appears to be growing and, if possible, use either your feet or hands, twig or stone as you prefer, to rub or dig away some of the surface of the soil and see if you find anything within a couple of centimetres beneath it. Are there any roots, worms, ants, beetles, millipedes, stones, or nothing? If there is some sign of life, how does it make you feel? Do you feel comforted? Does it make you smile? If there is nothing, do you feel empty and barren, or peaceful? Why do you think there is nothing growing on the surface of that particular spot? Is there anything you feel drawn to include in your life in order to feel more nourished and fulfilled? Is there anything you have neglected doing for yourself to feel more balanced? Maybe spend a few moments in quiet contemplation of these latter questions.

© Jo Norton Moore

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