Celebrate Spring Salad – Asparagus & Fennel

Vegan and Gluten-Free and Super Simple to Prepare!

From Laurie Bonacci Abele, NWA Mentor of the Mind-Gut-Guru Coaching Certification

Easter time in my family means fennel will be served in some way.  It is an Easter staple.  Sometimes, there is just a plate of raw, sliced fennel on the table to nibble on throughout the meal. Sometimes it is in beautiful, fresh salad such as this one. Since fennel is considered a digestive aide, it doesn’t hurt to have it around for any holiday meal. 

This spring-inspired salad is not only bright and colorful;  It is so fresh and delightful to the senses. My Mom is notorious for setting a beautiful table for gatherings, and this dish was a welcomed addition for the both eyes and the taste buds.

Recipes in my family are rarely exact, and they are typically handed down through memory.  This is one is no exception.

Here is goes.  You can play around with it which is always fun.  Let us know what variations you come up with.

1-2 large bunches of fresh asparagus (depending on the size of your gathering or family)
1-2 bunches of raw fennel
2-3 TB of extra virgin olive oil (or to taste)
Pinch of fresh or dried tarragon leaves, crumbled or chopped
1-2 TB of any preferred “fruity” vinegar (example, Trader Joe’s champagne vinegar)
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Slightly blanch the asparagus (don’t overcook!) and cut into one-inch pieces.  Slice the fennel into bite-sized slices, including the stems.  Toss all of the vegetables in a serving dish with the ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste.

Note from Dr. LJ:  I also have a few fruit vinegars that would work beautifully with this dish – one is pomegranate and one is blood orange.  This is going on my menu very soon!


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