Medical Cannabis: Hydroponics vs Soil

Paige Grellner is a candidate for the NWA CBD/Cannabis Coach Certification Program.  After interviewing a hydroponic grow operation, she gives an op-ed on some of the benefits of different

Hydroponics vs Soil

While researching grow methods for the CBD/Cannabis certification course, I was able to interview a hydroponic grow operation and learn their perspective on why growing hydroponic is beneficial 

Hydroponic is a soilless cultivation grown by water, light, and nutrition. The art of being precise to each strain that is being grown and producing consistent quality every time.

The owners of this grow originally started cultivating in California, where hydroponics was first developed, they moved to Oklahoma bringing along their methods they seemed to be very skilled at. Their quality of flower is dense, great aroma, sticky texture, and smoked smooth, all those amazing attributes we look for when looking for the best bud. They described growing hydroponics as getting the best of the plant and only the plant without adding anything to it to enhance flavor or overall look of the bud, it’s all original terpene and natural compounds, giving you only the medicinal properties of that specific strain in raw form.

Hydroponic seems to be a bit more scientific and being specific the way that it is grown with only water and nutrients. Little to no insecticides have to be used during the process which may be the reason hydroponic hits so smooth and have the potential for higher yield but I believe many factors play into that as well.

On the other hand, organically grown soil is filled with nutrients, micro-organisms, and plant matter that are beneficial to both soil and plant. Cannabis grown with chemicals is only feeding the plant while destroying and eroding the soil. Organic compost helps enrich the soil with all necessary microbes and nutrients to help maintain healthy soil, which is also great for the environment and cannabis!

Cannabis grown in organic soil provides it with natural nutrition to enhance and develop the purest trichomes, filled with terpenes and compounds. This is one of the best ways to grow cannabis to ensure a healthy quality plant that possesses the most medicinal benefit. Farmers can uses different methods to create their own soil, such as adding worms and making compost that benefits that specific strain with adding rinds of fruit or other food matter that feeds and develops the proper bacteria our plants need in order to grow to their full potential. Consuming the cannabis plant, we also consume whatever it was grown with, choosing an organically grown method is the safest and most effective way to ensure we don’t ingest any chemicals that may still be lingering even after a flush.

I personally love to smoke organic soil grown cannabis. I enjoy all the natural flavors it possesses and enjoy the smooth smoke. It’s also a great way to give back to mother nature by creating soil the earth can thrive off of and in return gives us quality nutrients for our bodies. I can appreciate the way the farmers grow and respect the plant with the intention of wanting to heal those who consume it.

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About Me

Paige has always taken an interest in natural remedies and the holistic approach. In 2013, she became a graduate of Heritage College, in which she received her associates in massage therapy, where she studied and practiced chinese medicine, reflexology, and a wide variety of mind-body modalities to fully improve overall well-being. In 2018, Paige took a deep interest in cannabis when it became legal in Oklahoma, devoted much of her time in educating herself on the plant and its medicinal benefits, while also completing a professional interpening course through Trichome Institute, learning how to evaluate the cannabis flower for quality and psychotropic effects based on look and smell to ensure a safe medicinal product and guiding those towards a positive experience based on individual needs.

Cannabis has played a huge role in Paige’s health routine and completely changed her daily life drastically, improving her autoimmune disorder by reducing chronic inflammation, stress and eliminating painful dermatitis flares. Learning to properly medicate & heal through a holistic approach has inspired her to guide families through their personal cannabis wellness journey.

As a ganja guide, cannabis is an essential supplement in her household, even giving a daily dose of CBD to her daughter and family pets, advocating to normalize the use of cannabis and break the stigma. She believes that cannabis can be an effective approach to rewiring the brain, allowing you to enjoy more activities and be more productive. Setting a positive foundation and medicating with intent has opened many doors to new adventures for Paige, living through the power of movement and fueled by cannabis.

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