November 1-11 : New Beginnings and Transformational Opportunities

Contributed by Jo Norton Moore, Certified Nature Therapy Guide, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and candidate of the Spiritual Wellness Specialist

When I awoke this Monday morning, I was instantly aware of a deep-rooted sense of excitement rippling through my body. It was the first day of a brand-new month and, to my mind, that meant myriad opportunities for new beginnings: the chance to start something afresh or revamp something old perhaps, give new meaning to something or someone in my life or even be totally bold and take on something that I’d only ever dreamed of doing before… How exciting! I just love a new project!

But I knew this Monday was an extra special day. It was November 1st – a 111 day – and that meant a super, souped-up day. At one level, 111 was a message from the universe to say that everything is in alignment and unfolding just as it is meant to. But, and perhaps more importantly, a 111 day would also suggest that whatever I decided to make manifest in my life would be somehow bigger and brighter, more discernible and instantaneous, and therefore potentially more rewarding to experience right now. That is, of course, if I were to consciously make manifest something desirable and positive; something I really wanted to have, to do or to become for my highest good. Hmmm. This would take some serious contemplation.

But as I sat to meditate, I struggled to find any real inner stillness as my rational mind toyed with the innumerable possibilities now bubbling over inside my head. And then it dawned on me. My subconscious was also on edge, itching and twitching to get my attention too. It struck me that this week was going to be a crazily good week because this Wednesday (in France)- Wednesday 4th November 2021 – was not only a new moon in Scorpio but it also marked the opening of the new eclipse gateway. New beginnings and opportunities for mega transformation!!! WOW!!!

So now here I was being presented an even bigger picture. This new moon in Scorpio asks if we have been wearing masks for others, whether we’ve been compressing ourselves just to fit in, or going along with things that are not in resonance with who we really are. Have I been playing roles that no longer fit? If so, this new moon was telling me that the time had come to be honest, face up, and give up the masks once and for all. Eclipses are always powerful portals of transformation but during this particularly powerful and highly charged period of change, we are also being asked to connect with our personal truth by heeding what sets our soul on fire, answering our soul’s passions, and allowing ourselves to be inspired into action, following the inner voice guiding us along the path of our spiritual destiny.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this very special week heralds therefore a time where we would do well to sit down and honor whatever it is that may be calling from within asking us to bring more harmony to our mind-body-soul balance.

 The time is now to seriously contemplate the next stage of our personal transformation as we enter into the full moon eclipse gateway and the beautiful winter period beyond in which we can take full advantage of time to hibernate while we digest the spiritual growth that we have achieved this year and the spiritual commitments we are making and taking into the coming new year ahead.

I finally gave up on finding any stillness during my meditation on Monday morning. Instead, I gave in and let my heart, my mind, and my soul run amok with new ideas and burning passions that were both big and small, grand and ridiculous, fun and serious. I knew I would eventually settle down on something when the timing was just right. And then I remembered just how I could focus my attention on choosing the right thing, right now.

I was aware from the outset that 2021 is a year of change (2+0+2+1=5) and so tried to be mindfully aware throughout the year of any aspects that I may need to change  – be they emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual – so that I may keep progressing along my ascension path. In early February of this year, it came as no surprise and no coincidence therefore that the universe stepped forward with its usual level of synchronicity and I found myself sitting with Dr LJ’s “A Year of Positive Habits: A 21-day secret to changing your life” in front of me, presenting me with the mechanism through which I could make a constructive and meaningful transformative start.

And now here I am again in November, in a mega week of brave and bold 111 energy, with the transformative eclipse energy on my side, sitting down and committing myself to yet more change with the aid of A Year of Positive Habits. And I have decided to choose the given topic for November – Gratitude. I can’t think of a more fitting and blessed way to end what has already been – and still continues to be – such a beautiful transformative year!

Jo Norton Moore

For most of my working life, I was a ‘business’ person. I studied in England and France where my first degree was in economics, my second in marketing and third in management, all of which felt like achievements at the time but which very quickly left me feeling empty and soul-less. Highlights of my business career include: working for a (then) top football club and in investment finance in London. Bored and spiritually un-nourished, I went to Africa and engineered funding for small emerging businesses, wrote economic papers for the European Union and Finnish embassies, and became the first white woman (can you say that nowadays?) to work for the largest bank in Zambia. Still feeling unfulfilled, I returned to the UK and lectured in marketing and management at various universities while also offering tailored marketing consultancy services. By the age of 37 I was wiped out at by the lack of spiritual fulfillment in my life.

In 2006, I found my ‘escape’ and much peace and freedom offering gîtes and guided walking holidays in the south of France. Over the past 16 years, I have expanded to include: meditation and mindfulness retreats, past life regressions, yoga stretch, guided visualizations and nature therapy.   I am infinitely happier spending my life healing my spiritual inner world while reconnecting with the real natural world and helping others who want to improve their sense of wellbeing, self-discovery and self-healing do the same.

My core belief is that we are here to heal ourselves and, in so doing, we can help heal others and together we can heal the world.


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