Introducing verifiable badges!

The Academy has been hard at work this summer increasing value for our students and graduates! On the tail of our new apps and upcoming courses, today we’re excited to announce new verifiable badges that allow you to share and prove your hard-earned credentials to clients and employers.

Badges are available via a link in the student dashboard, which will display a list of your earned badges. Click on a course name to be taken to the verification page for the badge, which you can share with the public. For example, you might add the badge icon to your email signature or website, linking the image to your verification page. You could also share your verification page on social media sites, like Facebook or LinkedIn. The verification page provides live proof of your graduation, listing the name of the graduate, awarding institution, and credential. You earned it: time to brag about it!

Badges will automatically be granted to graduates moving forward, but system limitations meant badges could not be bulk retroactively awarded to alums. However, for alums interested in this feature, we’re happy to report that you can fill out a technical support request (select the “Badge” option) to request manual activation of badges for courses completed in the past.

Examples of some available badges are shown below. Here is an example of a verification page for Cannabis Coach and Spiritual Wellness Specialist. Keep an eye out in the future for points and awards for communicating in the app!


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