What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Why is it that we are looking for peace, harmony and spiritual wellness? Have we lost it? Have we ever really owned it? If we did, what happened to it and how can we prevent it from being out of reach?

Setting the Stage 

Before we go on, take a moment right now and take a deep breath.

Sit up tall and really breathe. Fill up all the way with oxygen, hold it for a few seconds and then breathe it all out. Let go of all the air you held on. Then do this again, about two times more, before reading on.

Every time you breathe in, imagine breathing in light or beautiful memories that make you smile and when you breathe out, let something go you do not want to hold on to any longer. 

How do you feel after you take a few conscious breaths?

Were you able to let go of some of the things that are not necessary to hold on to right now?

Shoulds, To-Dos, and the Island in Chaos

When we go about our daily life, we are confronted with so many impressions that we take as our responsibility to judge, evaluate, react to and make decisions.

From the moment we wake up, our first thoughts already kick in, telling us what our day should be like before we even get a chance to experience it. We make plans and to-do lists and move through the day as if it is already a set program. A program we have created and set for ourselves. 

Have you ever noticed that children seem to live in a completely different world while they are at play? It does not matter what goes on around them, when they are at play they are in their zone. They laugh, they daydream and they are creative. It is as if they are on an island surrounded by chaos they do not perceive. They are whole where they are. 

Recapturing the Flow of Play, Everyday

A photo of an island beach with the caption "Spiritual Wellness"
An Island in Chaos

Spiritual Wellness is being on that island while being aware of the chaos. The chaos does not affect us on that island or at least not in the way it has before.

We do not need to pick up everything like sponges and react to every thought or situation.

Spiritual Wellness is when we can stay in the space of wholesomeness with awareness of our island, of peace within us. From that island, we can observe, we can respond, we have meaning and everything has purpose. Being able to see the world from this island creates a tremendous amount of aliveness, joy, freedom, peace and love.

It gives access to an existing pathway of innocence and creativity to a place deep within our soul. It is a learning process that needs to be practiced so that we can always return to this island if we ever jumped into the turbulent water around us. We can practice to remember where to find our place of harmony.

We can learn to live our daily life while also being centered and connected to our inner most sacred place. This is the place where we can truly be our authentic self and when we allow ourselves to be who we are meant to be, this is when the rough water around our island quiets down. The water becomes calm, clear and we can see the magical sea world underneath the deep waters. 

Spiritual Wellness comes from deep within you. It is not something you find on the outside. 

You never lose the stillness and peace within. It is always there.

Reconnect with your inner source so that you may feel your true authentic self once again. Find and live your spiritual purpose by allowing yourself to Heal, Honor and Shine!



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