Nature Walk with the Breathe Easy Coach

We went on a biking walk combination in nature at the Fort Tilden Gateway Park. I stepped my participant through the being in nature experience. He was able to connect with nature through his senses primarily through hearing and secondarily through seeing. We were able to see some birds in their habitat. My participant was able to tap into nature and get a profound message from nature. It was wonderful to see the connection and creative process unfold. We shared our thoughts in video!

Participant Feedback

I saw: Variety of trees and shrubs; birds; gravel path, old World War 2 Battery; and cyclists.I felt: At peace. For that period in nature the stresses of timelines and deadlines melted away and I could be in the moment.

I learned: That spending time in nature has physical, mental, and emotional benefits and is essential for healthy living.

The most important thing I will take away from today’s walk is: The feeling of tranquility and calm. It extended beyond the time spent in nature and helps to reset my mind for the rest of the day.

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome’s final project to earn certification as a Nature Therapy Guide. The photo is of the Fort Tilden main bunker by David Trawin (Flickr).

Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome is a coach and therapist working with various groups to improve lives. Based in New York, she has an extensive array of certifications in the healing arts, including trauma coaching, color therapy, crystal healing, and more. Most recently, she completed training to become a Certified Nature Therapy Guide (Advanced). Additionally, Michelle has authored several books, including I Give Myself Permission to… Michelle believes that coaching is about energy: of the client and the coach. She believes that, when it comes down to it, all the certifications and qualifications don’t matter if the energetic connection is not quite right. This is one of the reasons that Michelle has embraced an eclectic coaching approach. You can learn more about Michelle at and

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