What is Past Life Regression?

What is Past Life Regression?

PLR is a guided journey into the deep recesses of the subconscious to uncover clues about certain traits and behavioral patterns that might be influencing one’s present life.  Belief in reincarnation is not a prerequisite to having a fulfilling and productive past life recall. While we have no way of verifying if one has indeed lived in another time and place, there are definite therapeutic and self-discovery benefits from employing this modality.

Some people seek PLR out of curiosity; Others want to see if it will help them improve a particular relationship or situation.  I have always felt that the most dynamic benefit of guiding people into a series of past lives is how my clients have overcome fears — the biggest fear being dying.    It’s natural to fear death, but when a lot of our mental energy is invested in that fear, we are not really present in life.  After touring a few lifetimes, experiencing the final moments of an existence and then finding oneself in another place in time, one begins to realize that we are beings of energy and light, thereby achieving a sense of the eternal.

Hypnotherapy is a Powerful Tool

Read about why I believe training in mind dynamics and hypnotherapeutic skills are such important adjuncts to any coaching, counseling or therapeutic modality.

I truly feel that the next frontier in client care is Hypno-Coaching, which is a more holistic approach to ensure better behavioral modification results.  Coaching is a great active way to work with clients to get them to set goals and remain accountable to their commitments; Hypnotherapy is a more passive approach where the facilitator can help program the subconscious mind to be in alignment with these goals and new behaviors. At the end of this month (October 22) I am doing a virtual presentation for the Japan Medical Hypnosis Association to mark the 30th anniversary of when I originally introduced hypnotherapy in Japan.

Hypno-Coaching is a double-pronged approach that generates better results, over time.

Not only are Hypnotherapy for Behavioral Modification and Past Life Regressionist great adjuncts to any coaching practice — they are extremely monetizable.  EVERYONE has a habit they’d like to change. Nearly 4-in-10 adults believe in Reincarnation.  And many people are simply curious, whether they believe in it or not.  Sessions for either of these specializations can run from $75 to $250.


Our Latest Certification Program from Natural Wellness Academy is a dual certification that combines Essential Hypnotherapy Skills (certified hypnotherapist) with Past Life Regressionist Training.

 Dual Certification:  Essential Hypnotherapy Skills & Past Life Regressionist

  • Exploring one’s past lives is not only intriguing, it can also reveal many clues to behavior, interests and blockages.
  • This is a great adjunct to any coaching or counseling practice!
  • Includes the Essential Hypnotherapy Skills certification in Behavioral Modification (Stress Control, Weight Loss, Smoking, etc.)
  • Hypnotherapy and Healthy Habit Coaching are very trendy, useful and monetizable skills as many people are seeking self-improvement and understand the importance of the subconscious mind



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