Our First Retreat: November 3-5 2023 in Fallbrook, Californina

In 2020 we were just about to launch our very first NWA Retreat, when the world shut down.  After continuous postponements over 3 years, and with a waiting list of over 300 people, we are now thrilled to announce that our first one will be in Fallbrook, California (San Diego County) on a gorgeous property that has their own vineyard, avocado grove and dedicated nature walking path

We are so excited to host our first retreat;  The timing now is ideal for joining together in community with like-minded people.

This first one will be an Educational and Experiential Cannabis Retreat (since so many people were waiting for that first one) but we will have many different themes once we get this first one launched.  However, every NWA retreat will feature loads of Mind/Body/Spirit integrative, informative and inspirational content and experiences.  Cannabis use is strictly optional!

For instance, in this one we have an exciting and multidimensional schedule (check out the inspiring workshops and experiences we have by expanding the schedule on this page) like:

Guided Nature Therapy Walk

Mind Dynamics to increase your Self-Mastery

Setting Positive Intentions      (these are just a few of the activities we have planned)

“It’s like looking out over the hills of Tuscany…”

Academy mentor, course creator (Certified Neurodivergence Life Coach) and Nature Therapy Guide, Denise Montgomery went to scope out the property to prepare for the nature walk she will take us on Sunday November 5th.  Here is a video she made with commentary.

Meeting Kindred Spirits is a Bonus

Although NWA is a virtual academy and the majority of the work is done online at the candidate’s own pace, we truly offer a community collegiate experience.  Through our Facebook forums, supportive mentorship program, monthly Masterminds and skill-enhancing webinars, students get a chance to meet and interact with one another.  Whenever I travel I make a point of meeting local students in person.

The common thread that we have discovered — in over 10 years of business — is that people who are drawn to NWA tend to be Seekers; Those forward-thinking individuals looking to elevate themselves through education and enlightening experiences; And those seeking to make an impact on the world through their innovations and sharing inspiration and information.

From our early sign-ups we are seeing that the retreat is attracting lots of our current candidates and graduates, as well as new people we are excited to be meeting in November.  So, another fabulous feature of this retreat (the first of many!) is the opportunity to hang out with our tribe of inquisitive, inclusive, open-minded and FUN individuals.

Affordable and Inclusive Retreat Package

Review all that we have included in your comfortably-priced Retreat package tuition

Several meals and snacks, entertainment, transportation to and from our gorgeous venue, swag bags, cutting edge informative work/and playshops, nature walks, growing expertise etc.

Take advantage of 20% discount on our already reasonably-priced package by registering by August 31, 2023.

Hope to see you in November!

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