Free Masterclass – The Thoracic T: Release Anxiety & Trapped Emotions

Breakthrough Life Enhancement At No Cost!

         What if you could reduce or eliminate anxiety, stress, or panic in just a matter of moments, without the use of medication? 

         What if you could learn a coping strategy — in under an hour — that you can perform just about anywhere, anytime — and experience instant relief?   

         What if the key to self-soothing and releasing trapped emotions is so simple that you can even teach it to your children and loved ones to improve their immunity, well-being and quality of life?

We have just launched a life-changing Free Masterclass to teach you a surprisingly simple, yet effective technique called The Thoracic T®.  This is your invitation to attend — in the convenience of your own home, within your own time frame.

Our holiday gift to you and everyone who wants to take proactive steps to enhance your life on every level – body, mind and spirit!

Stress-Soothing Strategies Can Save Your Life

In this ever-more-chaotic world, we can all use some effective coping strategies.  Stress and anxiety have become the scourge of our existence. In the US, the number one cause of death every year is heart disease.  Stress reactions won’t go away on their own; Without taking proactive measures, these emotional and physical reactions become hardwired, making us vulnerable to unhealthy habits and addictions in our fevered attempt to find relief from the pressure.

Learn the backstory on the Thoracic T® from its creator, Dr. LindaJoy Rose.

Visit the course description page for an expanded list on the benefits and to register to attend this life-transforming at no cost.

Some of the many benefits of Thoracic T®

  • Easy-to-Implement Anytime/Anywhere
  • Brings Rapid Calming and Focus
  • Proactive Self-Care creates more Emotional Resilience
  • Helps Release Anxiety and Trapped Emotions
  • Deactivates and Helps Re-Route Neural Pathways
  • Improves Immunity and Well-being
  • Restores Equilibrium and Vitality
  • Increases Self-Awareness, Mindfulness and Higher Consciousness
  • Self Soothing vs. Acting on Cravings; Impulses

The basic TT tool can be used everyday and will help with a vast array of issues.  However, in the Masterclass you will also learn and experience some Advanced Applications to help release trapped emotions.

NOTE:  There are endless variations and protocols for this exciting tool which will be outlined in Dr. Rose’s upcoming manual and workbook (release date January 2024).

By registering/attending the Masterclass (at your convenience) you will be able to download the accompanying materials and resources.

Coping is Believing

Self-soothing techniques help you regulate emotionally and restore equilibrium to your body, mind, and spirit.  If you’ve ever done deep-breathing, yoga, stretching, meditation or spent productive time in nature, you are already aware of the power of self-regulation through conscious action.

Practicing the Thoracic T® is simple and takes only moments.  Most people report feeling immediate relief.   With consistent practice, you will gain more self-awareness, experience greater equilibrium, and proactively help rewire your neural pathways.  The better you feel, the less you will feel the impulse to engage in self-indulgent (and potentially destructive) habits and behaviors.

Inevitable Comparisons

The Thoracic T® is an original technique created by Dr. LJ Rose, Founder and Academic Director of the Natural Wellness Academy.

It is not Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)  You will notice that several of the testimonials on the course page (you can navigate with the arrows on each side) refer to tapping and make the comparison that they found TT® to be easier to perform.  Other than both being powerful self-regulating techniques that engage many different physical and mental levels, they are quite different.  We will be publishing a blog soon outlining their differences.

Here is just some of the feedback we had from our beta-testing study:



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