21 Benefits From Doing a Spring Detox Challenge

Natural Wellness Academy is hosting a 21-day guided “detox” for Body, Mind & Spirit that you can follow at your own pace.  We will provide loads of resources, recipes, tips, advice, food prep hacks etc. as well as ideas and inspiration to reset your mind and lighten your spirit.

Our FREE 21-Day Challenge:
Sunday April 21, 2024 through Friday, May 11, 2024

Having just entered Quarter 2 of the (not-so-new) year, I’ve noticed that some of the holiday habits I acquired are not melting away as much as I’d like.  Since we announced our FREE guided 21-day “spring cleaning” challenge (through our newsletter and forums) there have been a lot of people signing on – so, evidently I’m not alone in wanting to get a fresh start to 2024.

These group challenges are especially fun and invigorating because when you are part of a group (or, in my case, leading it :- ) you feel more motivation, commitment and the push to be accountable.

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Hosted on Our Dedicated Facebook Group

You are invited to join our Facebook Group, which is periodically activated to host these challenges

This is not as rigorous of a detox that we have done in the past (like the Master Cleanse, or Juice Fasts); We are simply going to eliminate those foodstuffs that are a) most related to inflammation and digestive dysbiosis; and b) tend to trigger us the most via cravings and become addictive, like salt and sugar.

We will eliminate the following for 3 weeks– however, this is a no-judgment zone and there are no “detox police”.  You do what you feel is appropriate.

Meat and Dairy Products including Eggs, Cheese, All kinds of Animal protein

Sugar (there are plenty of healthy sweetener substitutions that you will learn about!)

Optional:  Wheat Gluten  – this is up-to-you, but it’s always good to test yourself periodically to see how your digestion might shift or improve if you take a gluten break.

Attend a Prep Zoom Meeting on Tuesday April 16!

On Tuesday, April 16 (5 days before the official start day) I will be hosting a Zoom where I’ll share some ways to get started and we can discuss ways to substitute your sweet and savory snacks.  Feel free to present me with your best challenges so I can help brainstorm ideas.  This session will be recorded and the link available in the Facebook group afterwards, but it’s always great to “meet” you in these video forums and answer your questions.

Link to join at 7 pm EDT, 6 pm CDT, 5 pm MDT, 4 pm PDT & Arizona


Meeting ID: 489 514 3832

Passcode: 41420

Hope you will join us!

21 Reasons to Participate in this Challenge

  1. Get a fresh start to the new year!  Many cultures celebrate the first day of spring as being the beginning of the year so you have your opportunity to freshen your resolves.
  2. Detoxify your vital organs by giving them a rest from trigger foods.
  3. Helps reduce inflammation that arises from the food groups we will be avoiding for these 21 days
  4. Personal Growth: Whenever you challenge yourself you gain self-knowledge and improvement will occur in other areas of your life.
  5. Learn substitution strategies so that you are not as likely to resort to processed “easy-to-access” snacks and sweets.
  6. Create healthier life-affirming habits.
  7. Explore alternatives to foods that are part of your regular routine – you may even like them better!
  8. Establish a new mindset regarding how you make food and lifestyle choices.
  9. Commit to Accountability – it helps to participate as part of a group challenge so that you can feel both the support and the commitment to follow through.
  10. Improve digestion and gut health.
  11. Discover delicious, yet nutritious snacks and desserts that help you overcome cravings.
  12. Experience how your body may respond to 3 weeks without animal products (although you have no obligation to remain so after the challenge!)
  13. Break the unhealthy eating patterns that we all slid into at the end of the previous year.
  14. Identify potential food cravings.
  15. Enjoy the whole body sensation of well-being that comes with clean eating.
  16. Integrate other healthy habits that clear your mind and energize your spirit as part of this program.
  17. Meet other like-minded people who share your goals for living a healthier and more-balanced life.
  18. Taste new foods, spices, recipes and combinations that will delight your taste buds.
  19. Develop a brand-new approach to shopping and fixing meals.
  20. Set an example to your loved ones on how your strength can inspire them to make similar commitments and changes.
  21. Tap into resources and strengths that you never knew you had!


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