A Tribute to Books that Transform our Lives

With special homage to the I AM Discourses Volume 3 by Godfre Ray King

Books have been my life-long companions; Soothing, entertaining, inspiring, consoling, educating, challenging, and illuminating.  There has never been a time that my life was not impacted in some major way by the books I was reading, both fiction and non-fiction.

My mid-thirties — years of awakening — were fueled by a few books by Marianne Williamson (Return to Love and A Women’s Worth) and the Collected Works of C.G. Jung.  Then a decade later, accelerated into a new understanding of my personal power, books like The Power of Now Ekhart Tolle, Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley) and Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  The latter left such a deep impression I selected it to be a textbooks in one of our coaching certification programs.  And other early 20th century classics like Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life and How to Play It) and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) left lasting imprints.    These are just a few of the hundreds of tomes that have enriched my mind, body, and spirit.

To all of you authors who have given us the gift of your labor, your creative birth, your fresh ideas, and the risks you took by being a maverick, I pay you tribute and offer sincere thanks for your legacies.

My special homage, and the purpose of writing this piece, is to a book that has had the most profound effect over this past almost-decade:  The book is The I AM Discourses Volume 3. In 2015 it appeared in my recommendations from Kindle; Something about it intrigued me enough to download the free sample (which was a significant chunk of the book, since it’s well over 300 pages.)   Reading through the sample that night, the words and ideas were meaningful and intriguing – however, this is the kind of writing that one has to ponder, study and find the underlying meaning, much like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita and A Course of Miracles; Books that are multi-layered and meant to be meditated upon and studied deeply.  I bought the full copy (for the extraordinary price of $2.99).  Best investment of the decade…

That said, if you’d like to take a peek, you can download the whole book for free as a PDF file right here.  It’s a great way to “dip your toes in” to see if this book resonates with you.

And here is the Kindle edition that I have (currently priced $5.99)

My Life as a Cicada

It was 9 years ago that this book crossed my path, and it was the tail end of a 17-year period in my life that I jokingly refer to as my “cicada cycle” because I felt that the best and most valiant of me had been pushed underground.  A series of challenging circumstances had depressed me and I kind of lost my center and confidence.  The messages within this book jolted something deep within me that I had suppressed, awakening a knowledge all but forgotten.

The premise of the I AM Discourses is that we are meant to understand that we carry a spark of the Divine within us; That we are irrevocably connected with and adored by God.  And that the more we recognize this truth and align to the power within, the easier we flow with our life purpose and allow ourselves to experience joy, positive growth and abundance.   Wayne Dyer (Wishes Fulfilled) described the wisdom of the I AM Discourses as “gold nuggets of spiritual truth.”

When you isolate a slice of a hologram, it still contains the entire image.  Likewise, although we appear to be separate from our Creator, we each carry the whole – aka the Source.

Not exactly channeled, the Discourses are reputed to have been dictated directly by St. Germain, Jesus, and other Ascended Masters – Evolved Beings who have realized their divine potential, transcended physical death, and are devoted to helping humanity rise above the resistance, fear, and uncertainty of life.

While we are all innately Divine (because we carry the Inner Spark aka I AM Presence), we also have an “outer mind,” which is the aspect of self that interacts with the world.  In a psychological framework the outer mind is likened to the “ego”.  Because it is always directed outwards, this part of the mind lacks insight, just as the physical eye can only see outwards.  Since few of us have been taught the importance of introspection and the knowledge of our inherent power and potential, we tragically become vulnerable to outer influences that reflect back to us a flawed self-image.

Although Jesus clearly said “Ye are Gods,” (John 10:36), most traditional religious practices place God as completely outside-of-oneself, omnipotent, and unreachable.    This automatically places us at a disadvantage because the state of separateness is a very lonely one.  Please note that I am already penetrating much deeper into theology than I had planned and have no intention of coming up against anyone’s belief systems.  However, I do believe that if we were taught these uplifting truths at an early age, it would make for a much healthier ego and a more robust, clear path to finding one’s purpose.

The timing of this book coming into my life was fortuitous and while I read it avidly – every day of the month, and then wash, rinse, repeat for most months of every year thereafter, the changes were not instantaneous, but sure and steady.  Although I have not read it through every month of these past 9 years, I would estimate that I have completed the I AM Discourses around 60 times.*   That may seem excessive, but knowing that the “outer mind” had a firm hold over me and had squashed so much of my life force energy for years, I was determined to force through the message through sheer repetition.

Nine is a number of completion: There are nine months in a pregnancy and nine planets. It is the number related to “18” the cha’i, or symbol for life in the Kabbalistic tradition. (1+8 = 9—in numerology you add the numbers – 1 through 9 — in this way to get the total.)

Nothing is accidental; The writings confirmed some theories that I had presented years ago in my Hypno-Potential Therapeutic Method (see links below) and have inspired the Aspects of Selfhood ontological/psychological framework that is contained in a few of our certification courses.

This book will be with me for the rest of my life.  And I will read it through many more times.  I must acknowledge and honor it for how far it has taken me over these 9 years.  And I am eternally grateful to author King and The Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation, it’s publisher and distributor.  I could probably write at least 10 blogs about this masterpiece, but this is already way too long.

SIDENOTE:  I don’t subscribe to or believe in every aspect of this book.  For instance, it carries a huge anti-astrology bias, which I believe was more of an out-picturing of the times, the early 1930’s where it was thought that one could cast a “horoscope” that could potentially be detrimental to one’s destiny.  I don’t see astrology in that light at all since to me the natal chart represents a panorama of possibility and one of the greatest tools for understanding hidden potential.  A horoscope is quite different from a natal chart.  (We cover this is the Spiritual Wellness Specialist certification along with numerology and other divinatory arts as means for tapping into one’s intuition.)

Also, after reading it for several years, I felt that there was a missing link that inspired me to create some of my own theories, which I share in Aspects of Selfhood (foundational theory for a few of our courses)

What are some of the books that have impacted your way of thinking, your self-image or how you wanted to transform your life?

*Over the years I have highlighted the most meaningful passages of each discourse, but there is still a significant copy that I review.  I don’t read Discourses 15, 16, 17 and only a small portion of 22.  (Kindle offers a multi-colored highlighting feature)


In the Hypno-Potential System that I created in the 1980’s for helping adults heal from childhood and generational trauma, the “outer mind” is depicted as the “negative ego.”  The Superconscious Mind is likened to the I AM Presence or Higher Self.  This was 25 years before the book crossed my path.  These methods are part of our Mind Dynamics Life Coach and Essential Hypnotherapy Skills programs.

Hypno-Potential Mind Diagram with Dr. L J (4) videos from a single session, but divided to make it digestible — you can watch separately, but consecutively:





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